5+ How to hypnotize people while sleeping

5+ How to hypnotize people while sleeping - tinoshare.com
5+ How to hypnotize people while sleeping - tinoshare.com

Hypnosis has been used a long time for people to create behavioral change. Many imagine that as a trick, the of magic that is done in shows; However, hypnosis has been used successfully to help lose weight and to support those who want to quit something. Many people use hypnosis as a form of therapy or to meditate and . To receive hypnotic suggestion, you should be relaxed and calm.

How to hypnotize someone in his sleep


1. Create a rhythm with the person you want to hypnotize. While seated near the person, equals his breath in a measured and slow. This will put you in rhythm with the person, so you will not will disturb the sleep pattern of the person.

2. Rub the or arm of the person. Slowly and gently touching his arm or finger and begins to rub it with a slow pace.

3. Explain to the person what you’re doing. This is to establish your voice on the subject’s head. Do not start introducing you try to change behavior; Instead, explain what you and he are doing at the moment. For example, you can say, “I’m rubbing your arm while you’re sleeping. You’re sleeping in a hot room.”

4. Make suggestion. Now you can begin to describe what behavior you want to modify. Be sure to use a rhythmic tone in your speech to avoid disturbing the sleep cycle of the person. Repeat several times behavior change. In doing so, continuously rubbing the hand or arm of the person. Continues to do so for 10 or 15 minutes and then gradually steer clear. If the suggestion does not effect the first time, you can try another time.

5. Note the limitations. It would be unethical to try to hypnotize someone without their consent and if the person is a child. Although anyone can try these techniques, there are many trained hypnotherapists who can probably do better.


  1. If you want to know if there are any techniques to induce your friend or someone who you are testing on something related to hypnosis then you might want to know that yes. There are such techniques. These are secret techniques. Aren’t available for everyone though.