5 key factors in the logistics of a company

5+ key factors in the logistics of a company - tinoshare.com
5+ key factors in the logistics of a company - tinoshare.com

The logistics of a company represents those activities to the proper operation of a company. Among these activities are the transportation, storage and distribution of products, so it reaches the recipient in good condition.

It is true that often we make a purchase online for convenience: no waiting lines, bought from the couch at home and not have to carry bags. So far so good, but what happens when we pay for something we have not yet received? Unlike a physical store that you pay and take it to an online store, it is quite different.

This does not mean it is bad, on the contrary, it is another method of making a purchase and we are not going to have a bad experience if the deadlines are met and everything arrives in good condition.

The problem is that many companies forget the logistics business, a very important point to have success in an online business.

So we will see below 5 key factors to optimize our logistics and be more competitive:

Ensure you have the materials and demanded products

We must ensure that our suppliers provide us with raw materials and products that satisfy our target audience .

If a company does not have inventory , production could be stopped by the lack of raw materials and customers would be unhappy about not receiving your order. To avoid this you need a company to have different types of inventories for better organization: inventories of raw materials, inventory of products being manufactured and semi-finished products, finished goods inventory, inventory of materials and supplies.

Stock management

The stock management is key to being competitive. Therefore, I recommend some tips: for example, uses a system of automatic collection for better management, it is advisable to have shared in different cities or search for the most cost effective way of sending and receiving the product (while maintaining the quality and storage customer service).

The packing

The packing is an important factor, more than you think. It is not just the product packaging, is a differentiator that provides a unique customer experience. A good example of this would mark Mr Wonderful, where every request received by the customer can see that: its packaging is sturdy, nice and packaging accompanying a gift: a lollipop with a card that does make the customer a smile ear to ear.

In addition to details, another important factor is the protection they need that product. If fragile need special protection or otherwise the product does not arrive in good condition.

Communication with the carrier

When the product does not arrive at the promised time, the client begins to get nervous and angry with the service provided. It is therefore very important to offer the customer a delivery tracking, thus will be informed at all times of where your purchase.

In addition, the person who answers the customer must be connected to the carrier and know first hand what is the reason for the delay to inform the customer and effectively manage the problem.

Reverse logistics

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the product, by law the client has a few days to return. Therefore, we must ensure that the return process is carried out correctly.
If unforeseen occur (the product does not arrive on time, defective or otherwise), the company must demonstrate that it is resolute and has everything under control, offering always the best service.


Poor management in logistics business can be grounds for loss of customers. So stop lamenting the mistakes we have made and let’s get to work. Recall that the customer experience will not be successful if you do not receive your purchase in time promised or does not arrive in good condition. Let us mark the difference.