5 Reasons For Creating A Website With WordPress


The development of websites has changed a lot in recent years. Before you had to write from scratch web code files: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript … Not now. Now simply install a program CMS (content management system) on your server and can create a website without writing all that code.

Some are not in favor of CMS, who often call those who work in them “stencilers” or “amateur modify templates” (although its correct name is not templates but themes). Working with templates is much more than that. It is true that by using a template, the current developer does not have to work as hard as developers worked years ago. But that is precisely one of the strengths of CMS and templates.

I admit that I initially was not a supporter of the CMS, but soon discovered that are full of benefits.Specifically for WordPress , these are the main advantages of developing websites pointed to it:

1. Allow a completely custom design

Contrary to the popular belief that use a template design prevents customization or subtract identity to the web, a web created from a template can be customized as the developer knows both the HTML and CSS languages, resulting in a web completely different from the original template.

It all depends on the skills and work Developer: logically, a person who only knows how to use WordPress and do not know HTML or CSS may not offer custom quality websites.


2. They provide a significant savings in time and money

Due to the above, the fact of using a template means that the web developer will not have to write it from scratch. All the time it would take you to write the HTML, CSS and PHP structural code is saved, which also implies saving money for the customer.

Not to mention the templates responsive (adapted to mobile and tablet).Creating the need for a web fits correctly devices can take days of work code, if not weeks.The responsive templates include this adaptation, so that the developer, if necessary, will only have to change the styles of the already adapted or adapt the content he enter with their own code.


3. The resulting web is self-manageable for end users

One of the problems of the websites created with HTML and CSS is that if the buyer of the web want to do some change, such as changing a word in a text, you need to call the developer to modify the code required it. CMS like WordPress allow the buyer to change that word through a panel intuitive and easy to use administration.

It is true that using PHP can create self-managed websites for the customer with a custom administration panel, but go back to the same thing: the time it takes to build all this PHP code from scratch, WordPress and brings it done.


4. Improves SEO positioning

Today, being on the first page of Google results is paramount to our web is known.WordPress includes a series of codes and functions (plus plugins) that will make up our website positions in Google just by using it.


5. It allows the integration of a blog with the web

Originally, WordPress was a CMS platform to create blogs. Today it still is, but it has extended its scope to develop classroom websites, corporate, commercial … In market share, surpassing Joomla! Drupal and other CMS specifically for the development of websites rather than blogs.

Why not use WordPress then? We have the ability to create, economical in time and money, self-managed, well positioned in Google and also integrate a blog by one of the most dedicated platforms for creating custom websites blogs.

Furthermore, the addition of a blog in the website will further enhance the SEO positioning if we know how to manage it.

What do you think of WordPress?Do you see it only as a CMS to create blogs or else you find in it an effective solution for web development?