5+ Sites to Download Free Textures, Gradients And Patterns | Web Design


In recent years the trend of web design excellence has been the flat design. Its minimalist approach increased in popularity due to the ability to reduce distractions and get users to focus on the most important aspects of the website.

But as 2016 passes are beginning to see an evolution in the plane design that goes beyond color palettes simple to something that the industry has called flat design 2.0.

This “plane, but not completely flat” style is created by adding gradients, patterns or textures to create a 3D style. This not only adds a sense of depth to web design, it can also help convey the unique personality of the brand of your client, giving more life to the overall design of the web.

Although you can create your own textures, gradients and patterns for your projects, we wanted it a little easier sharing with you a list of websites that we found on the blog of Shopify. In these pages you can download for free textures, patterns and gradients with high quality work seamlessly with the web design plane 2.0.

1. Subtle Patterns

This site has a huge library of vector – based minimalist textures. Not all textures are completely free, but the only requirement is to include the font in the HTML or CSS code. Best of all , you can now have all textures Sublte Patterns in your library or Sketch Photoshop thanks to its new plugin.

5-sites-to-download-free-textures-gradients-and-patterns-free-web-design-tinoshare-com2. UI Gradients

Gradients UI is a very simple website that offers a selection of clean and subtle gradations. They are carefully selected from the user contributions submitted via GitHub. If you find a design you like you simply have to copy the CSS code to the clipboard and paste it into your project.

5-sites-to-download-free-textures-gradients-and-patterns-free2-web-design-tinoshare-com3. Transparent Textures

Although not the prettiest website in the world, Transparet Textures presents a unique way to discover and use textures in your designs 2.0. Its large collection of textures comes directly from Subtle Patterns library, but it gives you the ability to apply color changes and preview them in your browser, instead of having to use Adobe or Sketch. Simply enter the hex value of the background color, select a pattern that you like, and voila, you have the preview of your design. If you like what you see, you can copy the CSS directly to the clipboard.

5-sites-to-download-free-textures-gradients-and-patterns-free3-web-design-tinoshare-com4. Colin Keany’s Blend

Blend started as a small project designer Colin Keany New York. Originally I wanted to build a generator simple color palettes that offer the possibility of creating gradients. The result was an intuitive tool that lets you create CSS3 gradients using colors and materials of flat design.

5-sites-to-download-free-textures-gradients-and-patterns-free4-web-design-tinoshare-com5. Lost and Taken

Lost and Taken is another library files containing predominantly photographs of textures, instead of vector images. These photographs, uploaded by anonymous users, can be downloaded and used for free without attribution in personal and commercial projects. Since this site is created by a community also has the option to donate a few euros for maintenance. It has categories such as fabrics, nature, paper, wood, etc. The photos in this gallery may appear on some principle suitable for your web design projects up 2.0 but simply reduce the opacity of images for stunning results.

5-sites-to-download-free-textures-gradients-and-patterns-free5-web-design-tinoshare-comWhat did you think of these options? Do you use any other for your web design projects?