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5 Strategies To Seduce Readers Of Your Blog - Business and Blogging Tips - tinoshare.com
5 Strategies To Seduce Readers Of Your Blog - Business and Blogging Tips - tinoshare.com

You sit at your desk, you turn on your computer, check Google Analytics, and you see that your blog visitors are still growing. Why is the number of subscribers to your blog is still so low? Why readers are not flocking to your blog? When you get to earn rewards for all the effort you’re doing?

Blogging is hard work, and no good results overnight obtained, but what do you do when you see that your efforts will not benefits?  in this point your need a new content strategy for your blog.

When your blog is not doing as you wish it did, you should simply write more, maybe you should change the chip and start by writing less and better, hiring specialized in the topic of your blog editors, can be a good strategy to attract more visits, in addition to good content, will provide more online reputation and visibility.

First of all, you should step back and review what you’ve done so far, is appealing the content of your blog? Can you revive that content so that they can reach more readers?

If you want to create a new plan content for your blog, gain more readers and customers, answer these five questions:


1. Who are your targeted audience?

Let’s start by understanding your readers. Your goal may be to win 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 visits to your blog daily or monthly. But when you think of a large number of readers, do not turn these people in a faceless crowd. When you write for a faceless crowd, your writing becomes colorless, dull and boring.

Do you think Stephen King focuses on millions of readers to write his bestseller? In his book On Writing, King says that one reader writes to his wife. When you write, he does not ask if her millions of fans will enjoy his new book. He asks, “What will think Tabitha?”

“When you write for one reader, your blog instantly becomes more attractive, personal and persuasive. You’ll get more comments and actions that will help you generate ideas for new posts.”

Do you know your number one fan? Can you imagine picking up the phone, joking with him and ask for feedback about your last blog post? Your ideal reader, your No. 1 fan can be an imaginary person, your favorite customer, or a combination of several people you know. To view your reader, you must go beyond demographic boundaries and understand their dreams and setbacks. Connect with them and be inspired in their concerns. Or else, ask what else should be mentioned in your content. Maybe you have missed something that someone was expecting to find in your content


2. Why should they read your blog?

Your blog can help you achieve a number of objectives: to generate more traffic to your website, get online reputation, visibility, gain more customers, etc. But have you thought about the value of your blog for your readers? Why would read your blog?

Your regular readers are not interested in the goals of your company. Do not wanna hear your promotional messages, your sales pitches, or even the history of your company. They just want useful information for themselves. How can you resolve your concerns or problems? How you can make them happy with your information or help them succeed?

We offer a quick exercise:

  • Do not think about your goals.
  • Stop worrying about business and sales.
  • Finish this sentence: The number 1 of my blog reader reads my post because I helped them to learn from your success or any useful information that will lead them to achieve their success …

As a marketing expert, you might want to help startups to be known in the online world.
As a web developer, you may be able to help small business marketers to create web sites that convert visits into leads.
As an expert in social media, you could teach businessmen to work with social networks to find customers and influencers on Twitter.

The purpose of your blog should be to offer solutions and help your readers, you must stay focused on this idea and get involved with your audience. In this way visitors to your blog will grow like wildfire and become an indispensable resource in your niche market.



3. Each entry in your blog helps your readers?

Do you write about topics that interest you or your readers? To engage your readers and get make money with your blog, you should write to them on the issues they care about and of interest to them. Do not wait until you have to write your next blog post to get ideas. Do some research on your social networks. Create a list of topics that often speak your followers, what post from other blogs share, to them who are influencers etc. You can even launch a survey on your blog and ask about what topics they would like you to talk. This action plus provide ideas, will help to check the level of interaction that users have with your blog.

Instead of just creating a blog for your business, create a blog to help your readers in their business.Once you are well positioned, comments flood your inbox.


4. Your readers can find you?

One of the fundamental steps to get visitors to your post, is moving correctly in social media and make a good SEO strategy, do not let your editors fall into oblivion.

How can you promote your content without going crazy?

A good strategy is promotion we mentioned above have freelance writers expert on the topic of your blog . They also provide prestige and vision expert, also share the contents of your blog from your contacts, which are likely to become new subscribers to your blog.

Another way to increase your visits is the strategy of “guest blogging” other bloggers prestigious collaborate on your blog and vice versa, thus you will attract new readers and subscribers to your blog.

Stay active in your social networks, not only to share your content, make conversation and take an interest in the concerns of your community. This will help you gain more audience and achieve greater community that in turn can share your content, and you will get a new readers. Suddenly accounts do not believe in all social networks, start by Twitter and Facebook, and from there go slowly expanding.

One of the most important to achieve greater online visibility steps, as we have discussed many times, is to have a good SEO strategy. Step by step and with the proper keywords strategy go getting more traffic to your blog.

A blog without proper promotion strategy is like a restaurant that does not appear on the map.The establishment lacks diners because no one knows how to get there.Guides readers to your blog with simple tactics, and not try to cover everything.


5. How long-term relationships are built?

Maintain a commitment to your audience and your blog updated regularly , no matter they are only twice a week, if those two days are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.30, for example. I am consistent with the days and hours of publication so that your readers know when they will be able to read a new post.

Encourage your readers to leave comments with their opinions and suggestions, and answer each of these comments and not treat them as a single number and sympathizes with them.

Once you’ve created a relationship with your blog readers themselves will help you get more views.

You put into practice these 5 tips and you’ll see your numbers begin to grow, not only get more views, if you do not you’ll have an community of loyal readers. From there, you can start thinking about your business and how to make money through your blog.