5+ TED talks to inspire teachers of the new era

5+ TED talks to inspire teachers of the new era-tinoshare.com
5+ TED talks to inspire teachers of the new era-tinoshare.com

May we share TED conferences of various professionals who share their view on what the role of the teacher in the XXI century.In traditional models of teacher education exposes the already established academic content without providing the opportunity for students to decide what and how to learn. With the arrival of new methodologies, this has changed. Teachers are becoming guides and monitors the learning process who promote autonomy and collaboration in their students.

5+ TED talks to inspire teachers of the new era-tinoshare.com

Here we show five and additional conferences of TED that can inspire the next generation of educators who have the mission to become role models, creating an optimal learning environment and develop in students the skills of the century. (There could be some errors with the videos below and we ask you to please comment and let us know so that we could fix the issue. Thanks)

1. Ken Robinson: creating conditions that foster the talents

Ken Robinson is an educational consultant who has focused on investigating the importance of creativity in learning systems. In his talk called “Bring on the learning revolution!” Standardized exposes how schools should opt for a personalized model and create the necessary conditions to exploit the talents of each student.


2. Christopher Emdin: the teachers turned into ‘magicians’

Sometimes the music, in this case the hip-hop, can be used as an educational tool to train better teachers (in his opinion). To this defense of science, Christopher Emdin is dedicated. In his TED talk in 2013, named “Teach teachers how to create magic,” he says that all people have the ‘magic’ to captivate and teach others. Also shows how teachers can ‘spice’ to the classroom.


3. Pearl Arrendo: a woman and exemplary teacher

Arrendo Pearl is a professor recognized for having established a pilot school where teachers teach their students to be excellent communicators. In his talk “My story, from gangland daughter to star teacher” tells his story and how teachers should care about the lives of their students.


4. Rita F. Pierson: Students learn to appreciate people

Rita F. Pierson is a teacher who has focused on studying the behavior within the classroom. In his inspiring talk called “Every kid needs a champion,” exposes how teachers should connect with students on an emotional, human and personal level. This will result in increased motivation and commitment to the learning process.


5. Ramsey Musallam: cultivate curiosity

Ramsey Musallam is professor of chemistry and uses new media technologies and to expand the curiosity of its students. In 2013, in his talk ‘3 rules to spark learning “shows three simple rules that can help teachers to spark the imagination of their students.


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