5 Types Of Corporate Videos For Business

5 Types Of Corporate Videos For Business - tinoshare.com

Did you know that using corporate videos in your website can increase your conversion by 80%? The videos get your users stay longer on your page and thus get to know your brand better. But not all videos are created in the same way, everything depends on the message you want to convey and the audience you want to reach. In this post we talked about the types of corporate videos that you can create for your business based on their content. Today we want to show you how you can create a corporate video by shape, dare to be original and engages your audience!

1. Screen cast

This is a screenshot in handy video to teach your users how your website works or to make a tour of your page showing the main features: where to find the information they need, how they can buy online, what products can find, etc. In short, in these videos you can clarify any questions related to the most frequently asked questions that your users have, thus increasing confidence in your brand.

2.  Cartoon Videos

The cartoon videos often tell a story related to your business in a fun way, so give humanize your brand and increase confidence in your products. The characters in the story represent your clients so you must know and clearly define your audience. Gender, age and interests. If your customers are end users, startups or small businesses, cartoon videos are a great choice.

3. Stop motion (Animation)

It is an animation technique that simulates the movement of static objects by successive still images. So that may sound weird, but it is the technique with which they are made animated films of Tim Burton, for example 🙂. It is a very creative and original way to present your products and show how they work, uniting entertainment and fun with valuable content; the perfect mix to generate engagement.

5 Types Of Corporate Videos For Business - tinoshare.com4. Motion Graphics

It is a digital video animation that creates the illusion of movement through images, photographs, titles and colors. It offers an elegant and fun style to topics which themselves are usually not too entertaining, as financial or institutional issues. You can also add 3D animation to make the most striking video.

5. White board

It is an animated video that simulates the hand drawing on a blackboard. It is a very good way to generate engagement, since the video content is created before the eyes of your viewers. These videos are very useful for explaining complicated concepts such as software development processes and IT solutions.