5 types of hackers that you have to be careful

5 types of hackers that you have to take care - tinoshare.com
5 types of hackers that you have to take care - tinoshare.com

Cyber security is a subject that concerned business owners from even the most casual user to the network. That’s why the digital signature Websense listed the five types of electronic pirates to be careful these days.

The arms dealer

This is the hacker that develops, sells or rents malicious programs and other tools to various cyber criminals. They make money on the underground market network and are able to transform their tools extremely quickly. That is, the longer it takes to leave an antivirus that they develop mechanisms to deceive.


The banker

is a person who is solely to steal financial information such as credit card numbers, user names, passwords and all types of personal data are sold by third parties. Many of these pirates operate from Asian, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe.


The contractor

A small “companies” who rent their services hacker to perform specific tasks such as espionage. Given its expertise and operational capacity can be hired for only a few hundred dollars.


The online anarchist

The online anarchist groups are seeking pirates affect organizations or individuals that are contrary to their agenda. The best known examples are the group Anonymous and LulzSec and AntiSec subgroups.


Special Agent

They are people with a very high degree of specialization, able to develop highly advanced threats. In fact, they are sometimes employed by certain governments or powerful organizations. Their attacks are sophisticated, expensive and steal thousands of hours.