5 Very Untruthful Truths About Valentine’s Day


Curiosities about Valentine’s Day you probably did not know. To what extent is Valentine a business? Are there not better days to celebrate love than one where everyone expects you to?

Before you also fall into the Valentine Effect, let’s take a look at these unromantic curiosities about the day of love:

1 in 4 men spend money on Valentine’s Day because they feel obligated

According to a survey on Offers.com, about half of men say they celebrate Valentine’s Day to “spend quality time with my partner.

However almost a quarter claim that they do so because they feel obligated and do not want to make their partner angry. On the other hand, 13% of women say they celebrate it simply” because others do it”. It is simply like celebrating Christmass without even knowing why people celebrate it, where it came from and obviously how to celebrate it…


1 in 5 women buy Valentine’s gifts … for themselves

Data from the American Florist Society indicate that only 63% of men buy Valentine’s gifts for their partners.

Women are more likely to buy gifts for their mothers (30% women versus 11% men), for their friends (19% vs 7%) and for themselves (19% vs. 1%). Is it because they have no one to give them?

It is estimated that on February 14 more than 700 million euros spent in gifts … for pets

It is roughly twice as much as what we spend on Halloween pet costumes, which is probably positive for them. Surely your dog prefers a snack of love cupcakes to be dressed as Madonna zombie.


The longer the relationship is and the older you get, the less you spend

Love may or may not disappear over time, but what does seem to die is the desire to give the maximum in your Valentine’s gifts. A survey shows that men spend an average of € 100 on their betrothed, and € 120 on their wives. Another survey indicates that people between the ages of 25 and 34 spend more than the rest of the age groups together.

Couples with long-term relationships are less likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Approximately half of couples who are under 5 years old say they are preparing at least one month before Valentine’s Day, compared to only one-third of those who have been married for more than 5 years.


The person responsible for Valentine’s Day was an entrepreneur looking to make money

For centuries St. Valentine was a mixture of a Roman pagan feast known as Lupercalia and the celebration of two Catholic saints (both named Valentin) executed on February 14.

In the Middle Ages it became a tradition to give a handmade card or flowers to the loved one. It was not until the mid 1800’s that it became popular to give away chocolates and Valentine’s messages. And he is a business visionary to whom we must thank him.

Richard Cadbury, a member of the famous chocolate family, perfected the size of a bite and had the brilliant idea of packaging them and selling them in heart-shaped boxes on Valentine ‘s Day (the two Catholic saints). The rest of the story you already know.

When they tell you how you have to live your life, the idea of happiness is no longer on your account. It is you and your way of seeing the world that will always be with you. What does it matter if you do not do what others expect?.

Do not be afraid not to follow the herd. Being different is good.