5000 € as a nurse in Switzerland, myth or reality?

5000 € as a nurse in Switzerland, myth or reality - tinoshare.com

It is a proven information, a nurse in Switzerland receives remuneration for its more than 5,000 € monthly work, may even reach 6,000 € with years of experience and proper training. It is a gross amount, but still need to add the classic supplements wage as shifts or holidays.

Switzerland is currently one of the richest and safe countries worldwide. Cities such as Zurich, Bern, Lucerne or Basel and even its surroundings among the locations with the highest quality of life, according to a study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting between 2010 and 2015 that measures the happiness of people assessing among other factors its work and social life. The country offers an attractive training for younger and growing in a culture where trilingual French, Italian and German are as official languages. To them, of course, they join them English, a language that all Swiss develop very young in school and certainly any resident comes to dominate.

Infrastructures in the country are enviable and the health sector is no exception. Hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, offering its patients from all over the world a service at the highest level. Therefore, also the high demands regarding refers studies. A nurse in Switzerland makes some higher education of at least 5 years duration. In the country, professionals in Spain known as nursing assistants, are formed with university studies of 3 years which can be extended with 2 more, which in Spain is known as a general nurse. With these data, we can already get an idea about their level of training. However, the vast majority of nurses in Switzerland specialize in a field with subsequent continuous formations, known in the country as “Fortbildungen”. Also noteworthy parallel to the classical nursing studies, such as those of ” OTA” Operationstechnischer Assistant, which focuses on nursing education specifically in the surgical field.

How to work as a nurse in Switzerland?

The country needs qualified nursing staff, but it must meet a small list of requirements. To summarize, we have moved the question Nordt Oliver, manager of the company TTA Personal GmbH and reference in the mediation of Spanish staff in Germany and Switzerland (German canton). “The nurse or nurse concerned must have realistic expectations of their abilities, besides speaking fluent German. On the other hand, must confirm its title with the Swiss agency, in this case, the Red Cross or at least have started the paperwork. Something can assure you , for the nurse who really want to work in Switzerland, TTA gets you a job. ”

Wages in the Spanish nursing

The floor for a nurse or nurse in Spain can vary by autonomous community, function, specialty, and seniority.

The autonomous communities have skills in the health sector and for this reason, each has their Sevice Health, as city councils or county councils. All regions manage their wage for workers in the health sector tables, but overall the pay of a nurse or nursing comprises at least a basic salary, the complement of destination and specific supplements for trainees governing other rules.

The base salary of a professional  nursing work of the vast majority of communities is around 1,000 euros, which may vary depending on the functions or work unit as Operating Room, consultation, emergency care primary in hospital or in centers sociosanitary, etc … for example, specialized care nurses tend to have a higher salary, about 1,400 euros, midwives still more, about 1,500. Above are the positions as supervisor or unit area, that even reach 1,600 euros.Unlike Switzerland, Spain disclosed to the net amounts owed some add – on.

The most common supplement is obtained by turns, depending on whether the nurse or nurse performs night shifts or weeks with constant schedule changes, come to receive a salary bonus of between 80 and 200 euros. In some work areas, you can bind a fixed complement of productivity that can add 200-300 euros.

For a few nurses are also other extras amounts, such as continuing care, about 150 euros, seniority or professional career, depending on the years worked can range between 1,800 and 3,000 extra a year, holidays or nights, overtime, supplements the number of patients treated, etc .. Surely these points are totally unknown by most young people who became part of the templates in recent years.

Moreover, almost all regions gratify the worker’s seniority in health through trienes, ie, a wage supplement of 30 to 40 euros a month every 3 years exercised.

In short, one could say that a nurse can collect between 24,000 and 36,000 euros per year adding up all the pluses and a variable of about 3,000 € by the autonomous community.