5G provide income 65,000 million in 2025

5G provide income 65,000 million in 2025
5G provide income 65,000 million in 2025

4G is still a matter of some fortunate era experts and analysts are rubbing their hands imagining the benefits that will bring the next step, the 5G mobile connection or fifth generation, which is expected to produce revenues of more than 65,000 million dollars in 2025 .

According to forecasts of the firm Juniper, curve 5G turnover rise exponentially in its early years, rising from $ 100 million are expected to enter in 2020, which is planned as the first year of marketing, at the above figure barely half a decade later . This is because, although the market will touch 5G expected in 2020, will not be until 2025 when adopted more bulk. This is not, of course, free: Juniper anticipates that in the next five years will be invested at least 25,000 million dollars in researching and developing the technology 5G.

Likewise, in 2020 it is believed that the number of active connections LTE 4G in the world and more than 3,000 million.

The report 5G Market Strategies: 4G LTE Evolution, Spectrum Analysis & Opportunities, 2015-2025 Juniper experts indicate that the 5G and 2025 represent 7% of total revenues from mobile operators. In this sense, the study author Nitin Bhas, said that the introduction of new and improved 5G require efforts by operators to make its system more transparent and understandable rates.

The report also notes that besides source of income, 5G will serve as gateway to a range of new technologies, many of them recorded in what is known as the Internet of things, but also related to other fields such as semi-autonomous cars, virtual reality or HD video.

Some countries, such as South Korea , have decided to invest further in 5G in order to try to anticipate the timing of the speakers at Juniper, working to make the Internet connection suddenly allowed its citizens things like downloading a movie in just one second connect to the Internet in high-speed trains that reach up to 500 kilometers per hour can connect to the network, a 4G connection limit set at 300 kilometers per hour.

via: www.ticbeat.com