6+ Effective Strategy Ways to Make Money With A Blog


In any case, making money with a blog is possibly making money with a person who is lawfully employed; but you know that at the beginning you will earn little, and you must wait a few months until you make real income which means, you have to wait until your blog is trusted and recognized well. For this, you have to implement some smart methods and this is what we gonna talk in this article. 

The basic steps you should take before you make money with a blog

Before you start making money with a blog you have to create your own blog! Obviously! You can create a blog for free or go on professional one where it requires you to pay some money for the service.

You can spend some money (I assure you there will be more than $ 50 a year) and making your own web payment will bring you many more benefits. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Think of the name for your blog. [domain name]
  2. When you have one, register your domain name and buy a hosting. (I suggest to go/start here)
  3. Install WordPress and log-in
  4. Install the Template that you like and start writing!

After completing these steps, and designed the blog to your liking, you should write entries/contents to attract visitors and regular readers; a web or blog visitors will hardly report little profit.


How to earn money with a blog


With ads – CPC (cost per click)

Network CPC ads most often used is Google Adsense. They are basically ads that are placed on your blog where your visitors will click on them, and you will begin making money. But it is best that the ads are related to what you write.

How? The Adsense program “reads” your articles, and search relevant ads to display on your page. If you write about travel, Adsense advertising will choose travel agents or tour guides ads and simply will be shown on you article. In other words, Google Adsense uses cookies and it will detect what your visitors recently was looking for, and Adsense will bring the relevant ads to them so that there are high chances that your visitors will click on them.


With ads CPM (cost per thousand)

These ads work like the previous ones, but they will receive payment every time someone sees that ad, without requiring the reader to click on that ad. Although not so simple: each ad must be seen a thousand times or simply must have an impression of 1000 people then to get paid. (Read on next : > What is the average CPM in Internet advertising?)

Google AdSense also has this option in its program to monetize blogs. Below image shows the Adsense ads.  


As you see, the Adsense ads is related to the article as Article is about online shopping.


I suggest to watch this video from Adsense to understand more. At the end of this post you will find another video that describes more about all what you should know while reading this post.




Sale of affiliates

This way of making money with a blog is to place links to sites that sell a product, and if someone clicks on your link and buy the item, you will be paid a commission of total product cost. Although it seems hard work, it’s easier than you think.

Here is how : 

  • Look for a good affiliate websites (there are many like Amazon, Clickbank, Shopify …)
  • Join them and save the personalized affiliate link they provide.
  • Write entries/article of products that you know or have tried and sell on the web that have signed up
  • Insert your link every time you write articles related to what you have, and make them known to your readers that they can buy that product by clicking on that link.

Example: Say you have a blog about books. Write an article about the last book you read and wtite about it. At the end of the article, mention that your readers are able to purchase the book from Amazon,etc by providing them a link.

Each time a visitor reads your article, clicking on your link and buy that book, you will remove a juicy commission on that sale. You can also put still images that contain your link on the side of your blog to increase your profits.


Direct sale of advertising space on your blog

This is only selling a small space in a column of your blog to those companies who want to advertise in it, putting a picture and a link to the advertiser’s page. And the conditions are up to you, without intermediaries.

You can choose to charge a fee every 15 days, a month, three months … and charge whatever you want. Although obviously the best known and most visits have your blog, the more you can charge.

The companies themselves will be the ones to contact you to hire a space, although you can also offer it to your blog or write an email.


Earn money with a blog through sponsored posts

This method is the most used today for bloggers and youtubers to make money with their sites. It works with contacting companies and proposing to write about their products in exchange for a sum of money.

If you reach an agreement, the company will send its free product, you will taste/try, and then give your opinion by writing a an article with a link to the source web for your readers to purchase. You can expect to be paid over $ 1,000 for a sponsored post.

But this only works when your site receives many visits and, most importantly, you have regular readers and some recognition among blogs in your same subject. In simple words, your website/blog must be famouse enough and must have more than 10,000 visitors a day.


Earn money by selling your own products

A good way to start making real money is by creating and selling your own products: eBooks, online courses, live classes, crafts, anything! Write a post about your product and Sell it to your readers.

It is true that it requires more effort than other options, but it can become a real business from home that will give you many long-term benefits.