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The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz | Lifehack | Social and Business Freedom - tinoshare.com
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz | Lifehack | Social and Business Freedom - tinoshare.com

Today we talk about the book by David J. Schwartz ‘The magic of thinking big’, highly motivating text that helps us to think beyond where we are used to. Small thoughts lead to small results while only succeed to think big have great results coming to get satisfaction and success we seek, rather than go into fear and avoiding failure.

Due to the length of the article, I have divided into two parts. Soon you will receive the second and final part of the article on this exciting and motivating book.

1 – Believe you can succeed and you will have

Success means economic security, to give your family the best, a fantastic home, and personal prosperity. It means gaining prestige in the social and business freedom. It is respect for yourself / or find more satisfaction in life and be able to do more for others. Obtain Success is the goal in life. Tips to help you achieve this:

  • Think success, not failure. Think about the success your mind to create conditions conducive to the success plans, it helps you think big.
  • Periodically reminds you’re better than you think you are. Successful people are usually normal people who have learned to believe in themselves.
  • Think big. The greatness of your success determines the greatness of your belief. Think big goals and you will achieve great successes. Get used to believe and think big.

2 – Heal yourself / or ‘excuses’ disease, failure

Behind every failure is the disease of ‘excuses’ in advanced form. The more successful we are, the less excuses we give.

These are the four ways in which the ‘excusitis’ states:

A) – You do not have good health. Poor health is used as an excuse for failure against what we want. Feel grateful / or health you have.

B) – and yet you have the ability to succeed. 95% of the people around us suffer ‘excusitis’ intelligence translated’ I do not have the capacity. ” The difference between the fortunate and those who are not in the difference of management thinking. Here are three ways to cure the ‘excusitis’ of intelligence:

  1. Never underestimate your own intelligence or overestimate the intelligence of others. Discover your superior talents.
  2. My attitudes are more important than my intelligence. Search why yes you can, never why can not, and make a habit of thinking big.
  3. Remember that the ability to think is much more valuable than the ability to memorize. Use your mind to create and develop ideas, better ways of doing things.

C) – Not working. I’m too old, or too young. It is the ‘excuses’ age. Remedies to counteract the ‘excuses’ age:

  1. Look at your present age positively. Practice seek new horizons and have the enthusiasm and feelings of youth.
  2. Calculate the years of productive life you have left. Remember that a person of 40 years has left about 60% of its life.

D) – But my case is different … I draw bad luck. Persons who reach the top in any profession, reach there because they have the best attitude, and use good judgment in making a careful and outstanding work.

Remedies to counteract the ‘excuses’ on the fate:

  1. Accepts the law of cause and effect. Closer watch what you thought someone good luck, and find preparation, planning and positive attitude.
  2. Do not be deluded / o. Do not waste your energy dreaming of an easy way to success. Concentrate on developing the qualities that will make you be a winner / a.

3 – Build confidence and destroy fear

  • The fear is real, it is the number one enemy of success. Fear keeps seize opportunities, exhausted physical energy, produces disease and shut up when you want to talk.
  • The action overcomes fear. Well defines your fear, to find the constructive action that expires. Inaction reinforces the fear and destroys trust.
  • Make a supreme effort to bring only positive thoughts in your memory bank. Do not allow negative thoughts to yourself / or grow into mental monsters. Do not remember facts and unpleasant situations.
  • Considers people from the proper perspective. Remember that people have many similarities, many more than the differences we have. Fórmate a balanced view of others, remember that they are human beings.
  • Get used to do what your conscience tells you. This prevents guilt complex. Doing the right thing is very handy for success.
  • Try everything that has to do with you express: ‘I feel confident, I feel really confident / or’. Simple techniques practiced daily, as sit forward, make eye contact, walk 25% faster, speak up and smile a lot.

4 – How to think big

  1. – Use words and courageous, positive and cheerful to describe what you feel phrases. Say that you feel wonderfully every time you have an opportunity, and start to feel more and more beautifully.
  2. – Use words and positive, kind and friendly to describe to others sentences. Be very careful / or to avoid the derogatory and hurtful language.
  3. – Use positive language to guide others. Praises to others when you get a chance. Sincerely praise indeed is a gateway to success.
  4. – Use positive words to tell others plans. Promises victory and see glowing eyes. Promises victories and get support.
  • Do not sell cheap / o. I do not self-devalúes, focus on your benefits. You’re better than you think. Remember to think big.
  • Uses the language of people who generally tend to think big. Use words of encouragement, hopeful, encouraging. Use words that give hope, happiness and pleasure.
  • Enlarge your vision; which can be displayed, which is not. Rate more things, people and yourself / o.
  • Become a great idea of your work. Think that your current job is important, as your next promotion depends largely on your attitude toward your current job.
  • Think beyond the trivial aspects. Focus your attention on the important objectives. Before getting involved in something, ask yourself really worth it?

5 – How to think and dream creatively

Creative thinking is to find new and better ways of doing things.

  • He believes you can do it. When you think you can do anything, your mind is how to do it. Remove from your mind and from your vocabulary the word ‘impossible’, ‘you can not’, ‘no sense to try’ …
  • Do not let tradition paralyze your mind. Be open to new ideas, experiment, try new strategies.
  • Ask yourself daily how you can do better. There are no limits to personal improvement.
  • The building is a state of mind. The combination of business success is better do what you do and do more of what you do.
  • Create the habit of asking and listening. Question and listening, and have elements to make sound decisions. Remember that the big people mainly listen, while the little people mainly spoken.
  • Expand your horizons. Be encouraged. Looking for people who can help you develop new ideas, new ways of doing things. Surround yourself with people with different professions and social interests.

6 – You are what you think you are

  • Be an important appearance. This helps you to have the attitude of being important. Your appearance speaks. Make sure you lift your spirits and gives you confidence. Make sure that what you say is ‘This is an important, intelligent, prosperous and reliable person.’
  • Think your job is important. So you get mental signs of how best to do your job.
  • Have a pep talk to yourself several times a day. Make a ‘ad’ to sell yourself.Train yourself to think big.



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David J. Schwartz
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