6 Negative Things Nobody Told Me Before Enterprising | Business Tips


Being an entrepreneur is not as nice as it looks in the movies: do not wake up one day wanting to fulfill your dreams, you find a couple of easy obstacles to overcome, and become in a few weeks in a man (or woman) of success.

When I decided to quit my job to start my own business, I presented many problems of all kinds that anyone (or any successful film) had told me so far.

Yes, it is true I had my good money saved thanks to my job in a good company, but I assure you that the economy of a venture, if you also decide to be your own boss, will be the least of your problems.

In fact, for me to address the psychological and emotional aspects of being an entrepreneur was the hardest with what I found.

So today I want you to know what those obstacles that I’m almost certainly stumble at some stage of the road are. Eye! By this I do not want to discourage or to throw in the towel, far from that.

I just want that, before starting the business world by yourself, know that although there are also very sweet stages, you will meet some very bitter.

And perhaps, if you know in advance what these challenges can best address them when you arise and even have a plan to overcome them.



6 negative aspects nobody will tell before being entrepreneurial


1. Being an entrepreneur is lonely

When your first business cases – especially if it’s a small one – there is no division of human resources or accounts department, or a glamorous office full of happy employees.

You are you, and only you, the founder of the company, no one else, and you who must supervise all these administrative tasks.

And when you’re on the road going to get potential customers (or surfing the net if your business is online) things in the office are not going to do alone because you are not there, or no one else to do it.

So be strong, that being alone will not stop your feet to move forward. In my case, I also relied on my family and my friends to talk with them about the problems that arose and so vent somehow.

As for the administration, a good way to not overwhelm myself with all the task to be undertaken was hiring temporary staff from outside. So I got rid some unimportant tasks that others could also do.

Thus, I had enough time (and less emotionally charged) to perform those things that only I could do.


2. Talent is not waiting outside your door

No matter how passionate you are with your venture, you try to hire the person as an employee may not.

And you can see frustrated in the hiring process when you see that no respondent has the same passion, or the knowledge or skills that you request.

But keep in mind that the most qualified people will not leave their posts to join a business that does not know, where you get paid less and no more uncertainty.

Being an entrepreneur

Do not give up, and promote your items yourself and your brand sharing your vision with those potential employees; show them the positive start of your business to them, like having more responsibility and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Once you have that worker on board, keep satisfied. It is crucial in such equipment to be united and have that person in your office is comfortable in his position.


3. Finding investors is hard

Even in a buoyant market demand, finding the right investment for you can be tough. Yes, you may have several who want to invest in your business, but what are the most appropriate?

Being an entrepreneur

Before you start looking for capital, ask yourself what is the real value of your business, what is the profit margin that you would like to share with investors, and what terms are fair to both parties.

4. Convincing customers to buy your product is hard

Make promoting a new business is no walk in the park. You want customers to buy from you, but when they do not know you, you have to work doubly hard to convince them to know you and your product.

It is very similar to a trial situation: you are the defense attorney, and must convince a jury that neither knows you or knows your products to purchase.

Being an entrepreneur

Earn recognition for your brand, goods or services takes persistence, but also patience: closing a sale will take longer than initially imagined.

The resistance will also be necessary to not fall apart if for whatever reason you lose a customer. But it is only a hiccup; arise always and continues to sell.


5. Money is king

Although, as I have said before, getting initial capital may be the least of your problems, once assembled your business, the profits generated itself that you should worry.

A good flow of money is the key to a successful venture and ensure financial basis for further development.

Being an entrepreneur

This means that it is crucial to be paid, but customers do not always meet their bills on time. In the case of a traditional business, no problem because if someone wants to buy something, they need to pay in cash.

But what if your products can be paid in installments, or give advice for which you charge each month? I’m afraid that sooner or later, going to meet someone who is quite behind in these payments.

And you should be prepared for this situation.


6. Pay a great personal toll

Although being an entrepreneur is a lonely task in relation to the labor sector, field staff, starting your own business can be a big cost.

There is nothing like “9-5 hours” for the founder of a business, and there is no holiday (in the beginning) to take a break from your work. Unless you have a partner to share the burden, you can not collect everything and escape anytime.