6 Social Skills That Anyone Can Learn Quickly


Social skills open doors in every way. When we talk about professional success and business, social skills were even above the hard work. And the best part is that anyone can work at it to win some “g” of this ability. Being friendly is totally under your control. All you need is the ability to pick up some key social skills that form the emotional intelligence . In a recent thread on Quora , some users asked what were the social skills that normal people could learn a quick way. We have collected the best answers here.
Here are seven simple ways to start making a good personality  and be the nicest person wherever you go. It does not guarantee success, but opens the door to him.

1. Make eye contact. It’s a simple thing, but it remains one of life hacks most impressive of all. The most attractive in a person is to convey confidence. The best substitute for trust, in terms of interactive behavior, is eye contact. this habit begins immediately. It requires no special skill or practice, only a commitment to meet someone’s gaze and look into the eyes of the person during the conversation.

2. Leave your phone in your pocket. And keep it there until your conversation or meeting is over. There is nothing more annoying to be trying to talk to a person who does not listen because you do not look for your phone. This is another simple-but effectively habit that can be executed immediately, and requires no effort or skill. Is a social skill called “respect”, and respect and education are now a skill in itself.

3. Call people by name. The next time someone will greet you by your name or use your name during a conversation, remember how well you feel. If you have trouble putting names to faces, try different strategies, such as write or use images or rhymes associated with the name.

4. Smile. Do not underestimate the power of the smile. A simple smile opens all the doors closed bitterness or sense of sadness. The smile is not only the great weapon of the seducer, but the greatest ally of the person who creates a good impression.
A people like the cheerful and humorous people. People unconsciously reflect the body language of the person who is speaking. If you want to be sympathetic, using positive body language and people naturally will return the favor.

5. Make a firm handshake.Research shows that most people decide if he likes you or not within seconds of meeting you. A firm handshake, greatly contributes to the first impression is good, like a strong posture and positive body language.

6. Do not just hear, listen actively. The nice people really listen to the person speaking. We all think that listening is important, but not all do it correctly. Many people focus their attention on what is going to say after I finish talking the other person. They do not even try to check what they believe to be heard, let alone recognize the emotional tone or nuance. Nobody learns anything heard himself talking. That is why active listening requires four steps:. Listen, interpret, evaluate and respond.

7. Not to mention the presence in the first five seconds we generated an impression, so often, people tend to try to confirm and find arguments to validate that first impression they have received from someone else.  Beauty is in the interior, but different studies have shown that even the cover of a Book predicts whether the book will sell more or less.Wrapping a product account, and thus the clothes of a person opens the door to use the remaining seasonings social skills.A bad “wrapper” of a person, you can close the door immediately.