6+ Tips to include video as background on your web


Dynamism is one of the features of the art in web design. House is increasingly common to find pages with embedded animations, transitions, and audiovisual content. The movement is very attractive but when we abuse it can become counterproductive. The integrated video animated backgrounds can be very good choice, but not always the right solution for several reasons.

If you have a dilemma regarding use this type of backgrounds, here are some ideas and useful tips to help the most appropriate solution:

Is it a fad?

Web design is constantly renewed and fees are changing over time. The use of video is not new of course but it is starting to get the funds usually with superimposed text titles and minimalist finish on the home page. Actually, there is nothing wrong to talk of a trend and to resort to this option to build our web. However, it is very necessary that we consider some details that are very important to achieve an effective result. If you have a dilemma in this regard try to answer these questions:

Does it fit with the brand? Does it fit with the voice and style of your project?

Never forget that you have hired and therefore are an expert so no one should know better than you whether or not this communication strategy is effective and fits the tone of the business or client. The video you are going to choose to occupy the bottom of the web should be very attractive and have a professional look. Besides, images, they must be related to the overall image of the business or at least present elements that evoke the main theme. At the end of what is, it is that we give concordance and harmony. Also, consider the color palette.

What are you going to tell? How will it influence your foray into the website?

We insist that you plan what should appear on that, what you want to tell. What it is you propose a good speech, no need to say something that has not ever said or find something unimaginable that impact the user. It is somewhat simpler. What we are looking for above all is light the fuse, incite and arouse curiosity, raise expectations. Take on the reader and try to think like him.

Autoplay: Is the only alternative?

You must know that people dislike autoplay and literally end up as an imposition/imposing and that is never good. When we speak of a background may be more permissible and tolerated but still monitors the menu layout and page structure globally for that first impression is not too aggressive and hoarder user attention.

Sound? Prohibited!

There is nothing more annoying to be surfing the net and go to a page that automatically plays audio is the genre it is, especially if you are listening to music, watching TV while surfing or simply we want to be silent. It is almost an aggression to the consumer and certainly a reason to run away from your page. Especially if you have chosen the autoplay, get rid of the idea of including sound with the visual component.


Note that, however, small is the video, in question can consume a lot of resources, especially when we are talking about playing a video in full-screen mode by default and we need the file in question is of high quality (rather than nothing because if it is not, the image of our website will be quite bad and shameful). This can interfere with the usability, fluidity and speed loading of your page so it can become another reason for your users to leave. However, there are alternatives such as the video is loaded only when the rest of the page is loaded. You can also use other tricks to reduce interestingly video size and maintain the visual quality of your home page as extreme compression, streaming mode, video editing and conversion to grayscale, overlapping static elements and images in PNG format, applying a blur effect …


In any case, if you say it is  ABSOLUTELY do not upload your video to your server as a file and stay elsewhere as Youtube or Vimeo because this really consumes a very large amount of resources needlessly.

Examples of Fullscreen Video Backgrounds in Web Design


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In any case, I recommend that you meditate and plan well your web structure and content. It is something that deserves a time of reflection. Do you have any questions?