7 Best Tips for Social Media Marketing Success | Business and Marketing Tips and Tricks

7 Best Tips for Social Media Marketing Success | Business and Marketing Tips and Tricks - tinoshare.com
7 Best Tips for Social Media Marketing Success | Business and Marketing Tips and Tricks - tinoshare.com

The social media marketing has become a daily task to execute on our business (and also an important part of our lives). What was so innovative a few years ago, it is now a mandatory standard use.

If you’ve never used social networks to promote your products or services, you’ll love how easy it is to start in this world.

In this article I’ll show the 7 tips and steps you should take to make social media marketing work for you.

Why should you use marketing in social networks for your business?

If you are the proud owner of a business or a startup, you know there are many targets to meet with very few resources.

Traditional marketing can easily absorb all your financial budget; but social media marketing, unlike the first, has a much lower cost and provides a direct path to your current and future customers.

Although this type of marketing will have to sacrifice something: what you save in money, you’ll have to invest in time. You have to be smart and efficient with the resources you have to get the results you expect.

The following tips will be very useful especially if you have a small or medium business with limited resources , but want to learn to establish and build your own brand using social networks.

1. Do your homework

Behind each unique social media campaign there is always a great strategy. The main purpose of these platforms is to connect with your audience a true and actual level.

And to do that, you must intimately understand your current customers as well as future. So start by defining this audience.

Analyze each individual profiles by age, gender, interests, professions … Not only must think, it is essential that you write down on a sheet with all possible details; You can even search for images to place them next to each profile and make the task easier.

After crystallizes your message. Based on that target audience you’ve identified, what their biggest problems or concerns that you can solve or resolve with your products or services?

Expand entries for each profile setting for them these problems and solutions are presented for each character.

Apart from this, it is a good idea to write three key messages you want to communicate all those hearing and once these messages and these profiles defined, which investigates the social networks that are preferred.

Each of these channels have their own primary audience, so it’s important to know this information in order to focus all your efforts on the right platforms.


2. Coordinate all your channels

If you treat each network as an independent platform, your success will be limited. All your social networks must work together to help you achieve your goals. And at this point it is essential to have a website or at least a blog for your business.

Although not sell your products or services over the Internet, there is nothing easier to promote yourself to hand out business cards, or talk to others about what you sell, and they can visit your website whenever they want to know what it is (and contact you if they are interested).

Use your social networks to indicate the direction of your page and bring people up there, where you can see what you offer and what your contact or address of your business if you want to buy your products are.


3. Start, but do it slowly

You’ve defined your target audience, you know where to reach them, and you’ve optimized your social networks and your website. It’s time to socialize, but slowly .

This is one of the most valuable advice that you may receive in your life; and that social networks are time-consuming and energy, two very precious resources especially for the small entrepreneur.

Therefore it is essential that you start with only a small workload. In my experience, it is best to start managing only one or two social platforms , not more.

The best way to ensure that you are consistent in this is to incorporate social networks gradually in your daily routine.

Targets a certain period of time in your schedule, eliminating all possible distractions and Take time to manage your profiles and your accounts. Do this once or twice a day.

In your first month or two it will be normal to spend between 15-30 minutes each day devoted to social activities.

Remember that elaborate profiles and messages in 1? Use them to determine what the original will share content and make an editorial calendar for managing that content.

Your goal is to help your readers, so give them any advice they can use or share information be able to resolve your problem.


4. Listen and share

Listen in social networks is a great tactic to monitor what is being said about your business.Responding to comments, mentions, or opinions – even if they are negative – is a good way to make contacts and customers on these platforms.

In addition to chatting, sharing high quality content from other sources will serve to build relationships and other people getting caught.

Internet is a constant source of content generated, so to avoid overwhelm millions of items to share, it is best to use some tools to manage and monitor your social networks.


5. Create a daily plan

The organization is essential in any project but especially in social media marketing . So make a list of all the activities you plan to do each day and save some of your time to execute.

For example, comment or post 3 links in your Facebook, tweeting and retweeting between 3-5 times a day, upload a couple of photos to Pinterest or Instagram of your business or your products …

Personalizing your brand continues to welcome new followers and thank them for sharing your content.


6. Increase your advertising results

If you want to speed your way a little in social networks, is worth exploring those paid advertising options in the world.

Facebook offers a robust number of options to promote yourself and increase your sales, exposure of your brand and attract more audience. If Twitter is one of your platforms, you can choose to pay for content advertised or promoted accounts.

Even if your budget is small, do not discard immediately paid advertising.Strategically used (and often with little money) can produce better results than imagine.


7. Repeat and repeat improving your strategies

The last step is the most crucial: measure and analyze your results .

Follow all process data that you have executed is the best way to identify what tactics are working and which are not.

Some things to be aware that growth should be, how much the content, and how many followers or fans got lure and hook is shared.

Most social networks have tools that can do this; Google Analytics is a popular and easy to use option to monitor traffic and interactions on your blog or web.

Check your stats reports regularly, at least once a week.

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