7 simple tips to improve brain power. By Deepak Chopra


Deepak Chopra is one of the greatest leaders worldwide in terms of meditation and spirituality. An award-winning researcher and author of over 65 books, has dedicated his life to advising all kinds of professionals and entrepreneurs for business leadership, and perhaps is best known for being the coach of Michael Jackson.

Extracted from his book ” Superbrain: Free the explosive power of your mind to enhance your health, happiness and emotional well-being, ” 7 simple ways to improve our brain to realize its potential. As the author suggests, are great advice – Simple, but at the same time very powerful when it comes to having cultivated and motivated mind.

1. Cultivate habits and include activities that enhance the positivity of our brain.

Sleep well, exercise, medite, reduce stress and lead a healthy and balanced diet. They can be very obvious advice, but many people forget these tips. And it is that if we do not sleep well, then all heavy things comes up.

In fact, many problems that plague us, we solve once we have rested.
On the other hand, healthy mind, healthy body and vice versa. We should not underestimate the power of a balanced diet and to introduce into the body of certain nutrients. Numerous studies show how a diet based on junk food can make us more unhappy if we took a balanced diet.
And finally, with regard to the exercise, it is no secret that we release stress and improve not only our overall health and our body but also our mind.

2. Avoid what can adversely affect your brain.

Eliminate those habits and substances which may interfere with the proper functioning of our brain. If possible, put aside nicotine, alcohol and drugs in general, they produce great damage to our brain and we distort reality, even to worsen our view of the circumstances.

If a problem seems big, when we add alcohol or drugs, the problem becomes giant.

3. The brain is like any other body part.

The brain, is like any other muscle in our body, the more you work, the stronger it gets, but like any muscle, if we took it to exhaustion, it can have the opposite effect.

In any case, we must exercise our brain every day.

4. Always keep an open mind.

Do not put limits on your brain. Listen to the ideas of others, even if they are very different from yours. Always be open to the possibility of pre-programmed, have some thoughts that might not make sense. Will be open to other opinions and ideas, make your brain smarter.

5. Do not try to do too many things at once.

You will not be smarter and more efficient if you decide to do too many things at once. Truly effective people, do one thing well, before moving on to the next. Returning to the example of how the brain is like any other muscle, we can not be a gym lifting weights and swimming at the same time.

Cultivate the habit of focusing on one thing and do that thing in the best way possible.

6. Think about the lost opportunities will not help.

We should not punish our minds thinking that no longer makes sense. The opportunities were, are gone, so devoting too much time to lament, is continuous wear that will not get you anywhere.

Instead, focus on the opportunities that lie ahead or way to create new opportunities. Living in the past is the best way to give your brain see no future.

7. Wake up every morning with a fresh mind.

As we said in previous articles. Every day you have the opportunity to start to be a completely different person and take further steps towards the path you want to go.

Therefore, Reinvent yourself every morning. When you wake up, there is a continuation of a bad week. It is a new day full of new opportunities where you have the possibility of not making the same mistakes of the past and start working on those things that renegade yesterday. So easy or so difficult to get a free brain have negative charges.



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