7 Successful Keys To Learn How To Sell The Unsold | Business and Sales Trick

7 Successful Keys To Learn How To Sell The Unsold | Business and Sales Trick - tinoshare.com
7 Successful Keys To Learn How To Sell The Unsold | Business and Sales Trick - tinoshare.com

Selling is not working. If I asked you how you feel when someone is trying to sell you something, surely you answer that you feel uncomfortable, pressured, stalked, dull or something similar, but rarely tell me that you feel happy with the fact. This may be due to the commercial onslaught to which we are subjected daily and at all times.

It is common, even constant, someone is trying to sell us something, whatever. We turn on the television and she is full of business trying all the possible ways to manipulate us to buy a product or service. We open a newspaper or magazine ads and we see more selling things in that content. We go down the street and it’s almost impossible not to be subject to the pressure of any individual or business that tries to separate us from our money.

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Even when going on holiday we are besieged by insistent traders and often annoying, as is the case with the sellers of timeshares. I have met with them and vowed never buy one.

We have learned to repel and run away from anyone who wants to sell us something, and automatically distrust.

The more we want to sell, the more we doubt the seller. The more we talk about the wonders of the product, less listen and pay attention. The more insistent is the seller, more defensive we put ourselves.

So, it is curious, at least for me, that marketers continue to use the tactic of insisting to death, because at present this rarely works.

In a previous post called New ABC for effective sales  I ended up saying:


The following are the seven key elements that make up what we call “Sales unsold”

1. Do not try to close a sale, try to open a relationship

Mesa Consultants say that the relationship is the foundation of all achievement. Today, he is also in sales. A key reason why someone today, in this world as commercially competitive, we buy from you instead of another provider, is because it has a relationship with you, which is based on respect, trust, honesty, and all other values underlying rapport.

2. Help your customer, not sell them

Remember, selling is a consequence.  If you want to earn the respect and confidence of the people, help them, not sell them. This involves providing value from the first interaction you have with the person, whether by phone or in person, and even provide options that initially you do not agree as to recommend another provider.

3. Understand your customer really

It always amazes me when I meet with sellers who do not even take time to study your customer , your business, market, challenges, needs, etc. In these times in which access to information it is so easy and you can find both a simple Internet search , is unthinkable and unforgivable not to do.

4. Confront your customer

That is, qualify quickly and often the customer with small confrontations.  Sales unsold moves away from the traditional model of helpful sales in which the customer says jump and you ask how high, in which we are willing to court indefinitely to even when presentiment customer who is not interested at the moment.

Is much more effective and convincing qualify customer quickly and often making abrupt and powerful questions as: Does this product or service is something that would help them achieve their current goals and are interested in acquiring it at this time?

5. Above all be honest

Unsold sales is based on being 100% honest . If you’re not the best choice, do not pretend to be; if you can not help the customer, tell; If you know someone that can help you better than you, Recommend it. If you lie to the customer, it will realize it soon and surely you will never buy. On the other hand, if you’re honest, you probably do not buy this time but to dobusiness with you in the future.

6. Be willing to abandon the sale

One of the surest ways to generate customer resistance is to stick to the sale and insist on it.People can tell when you’re doing and this creates the perception of despair , which means, at least in terms of interpretation, that your product or service is not very good.

7. From start to finish

Something you should consider this strategy is that sales unsold starts from the first contact and never ends.

Many sellers just give up after the first visit to a customer who does not sell and never look back or visit. In addition, many vendors fail to meet the client once the contract is signed.Both formulas are flawed, since the customer communicate all you want is to sell and not really help.

I finish this column the night before leaving on vacation with my family to my timeshare, who vowed never to buy.  What made me change my mind and buy it? I found a company and a vendor who followed several of the following:

1)  The company that sold it to me is a hotel chain with a serious and excellent international reputation, which implies a relationship of honesty and trust.

2) They were given the task to understand my needs and offered me exactly what I needed, nothing less.

3) At no time they pressured me or exaggerated product benefits . In fact, I was invited to all paid without resort to force to attend the timeshare presentation.

4) During the presentation, which I agreed to go voluntarily, they were not ready to close the sale if I wanted.

5) They were totally honest with me and told me exactly what to expect and not to expect the product, and then fulfilled to the letter, and

6) I experienced a superb service at all times: before, during and after the sale.


So basically, this is what I have experienced and wished to tell other. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know at the comment bar below.

Hope this article gave you some lesson!