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The decision to open a small cafe can become a business of fun and profitable for a new business. A cafeteria is a place of destination for businessmen, couples, family, and friends; those who enjoy baked goods, a light lunch or a hot or cold drink.

Its success depends on working hard, a commercial principles and to follow some very important steps :

1. Know all aspects of running a coffee before we start: Work in a cafe in different positions in order to get a full understanding of the whole business. Contact with other owners of coffee and ask them to share some knowledge. Some may not share the honest tips but at least you will have the basic understanding.

2. Create a business plan: Your plan will serve as a model for all aspects of your business, from the profile of the company, to finance , such as face competition and strategies of marketing.

3. Select a location for your coffee: Find a place that has a lot of pedestrian traffic. If that is not possible, at least make sure it is visible on a main road and can be easily reached. Also, check with the government of the city or town about licenses or permits are needed.

4. Buy the necessary equipment to operate your coffee: Its location must have a kitchenette with a suitable extraction hood, burners, and at least one standard oven. You will need a variety of coffee makers, teapots, dishwasher and other small appliances. You should also consider adding couches, comfy chairs and a counter with stools.

5. Look for food providers and coffee: In addition to other elements needed permanently. Contact coffees from other areas (other than direct competition) for the best suppliers.

6. Create a menu and hire staff: Consider hiring an administrator to oversee personnel. Try to find staff with at least some experience to minimize time training. You should also design a small menu that is easy to prepare when you are busy.

7. Market your new coffee: You must create business cards and brochures that warn about “grand opening”. The call must generate buzz before opening the business. Consider a grand opening event, inviting the press and a prominent figure. You must create a site web to display your menu and start an online newsletter to send to the quoted prices and events.

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