8 Best Tips on how we conduct an idea into a project | Business and Entrepreneurship Tips and Tricks


The ideas are useless if not carried out. I have met entrepreneurs who are by vocation and enjoy their work, they are constantly creating and planning ideas.

This is not different from other people, except that the former tend to carry them out at a higher rate than the latter. Personally I include myself among the first, ideas are born from the observation of reality or rather the market. A reflection on what happens every day in a market may be the germ of an idea that will lead to a project and sales. If there is anything I’ve learned is that, except in very few cases, there are no good or bad products, the important thing is who sells and who uses them.

But how do we make an idea into a project?

  1. Find information about the idea. From my point of view the best ideas are the simplest. Technically I would say that an idea has to be aimed into something that meets a need, and it is true, but also add that should be simple both in its application and communication. The ideas that work best have to answer a basic concept of the human being as communication, power, social relations and reproduction.
  2. Commenting on the idea.   I’m not in favor of telling all my ideas to everyone, I’ve noticed that only some are able to listen and bring me value. With every idea born, I feel like the adrenaline rises also a need for me and shout and share it with everyone. Over time, I’ve learned to control my impulses, only in order to protect my ideas of people who simply are not prepare to hear them and all they do is chafarlas by being innovative.
  3. Translating the idea in writing. In theory all ideas are good, so that it becomes a project need to be polished. Writing the idea, it helps you reflect on points that perhaps you had not considered.
  4. Set goals you want to achieve. The ideas are embodied in use if projects are subsequently carried out in the form of action, product, service or business. Translating a document in which goals we want to achieve, who are targeted and how much. In commercial terms we speak of the target customer and quantitative and qualitative targets that will help us make the project reality.
  5. Plan how to achieve the objectives.  Each objective must be behind a plan of action, both as commercial projects, indicating how to get it, when, where and with whom. In commercial terms it would express what product or service would sell, at what price, how do get the product or service to the customer and how comunicarías.
  6. Determine what resources we need to carry out the project, both in terms of money and knowledge.When you have few financial resources of a solution it is to associate with people with complementary and necessary expertise to carry out the project. The costs of a project, commercial and noncommercial, are inversely proportional to the level of knowledge and experience of its partners in the sector.
  7. Be patient. The results come but not at the speed you expect. Sometimes it seems that no advance and you despair, but right now you have to be persistent and move slowly.
  8. Work, work, work. Not many secrets, work well done always brings results. Learning from mistakes, correct them and continue working is the only way to get your idea be translated into a project and become a reality with concrete results.

I’d like your opinion. How to transform ideas into projects!