8 Best Tips to Overcome a Telephone Job Interview | Must Know Tips and Tricks


Telephone Job interviews are increasingly used by resource companies. These are a quick way to identify and weed out unsuitable candidates for the job, but often the sole intention of such telephone interview, is to conduct an initial screening of candidates who passes to the next level: job interview in personal. Although in principle such interviews may look similar, to face interviews are not at all. In a personal interview, aspects such as body language, physical appearance, your clothes, your way of greeting, or timeliness, can be decisive, in a telephone interview that counts is mainly the quality of your answers to the questions you posed by the interviewer, your tone of voice and the way you deal in general, the whole of the telephone interview.  These tips can help you overcome such interviews.

1. Stand up

u1FdbqwSitting can limit the power of your voice. Standing, you will breathe better and speak more confidently.



2. Keep a pen and paper handy

Keep a pen and paper handy to take notes or to record all relevant information during the interview: job characteristics, company data, personal names, emails … and especially the name of the person who called you.

3. Research the company

The interviewer will probably ask why you want to work for that company. So it’s a good idea to know about the company to answer this question. Visit the company’s website, read the latest projects of the company … in short, know the company.

4. Know your CV

You must re-read your resume, but you can also have on hand for the telephone interview scheme with the basic data. Note that it is very likely that the interviewer will be calling with your resume on the table, so an error (even for poor memory) could lead to the interviewer thinks you’re cheating.

5. Use the right language

Do not talk informally. Be professional!

6.  Make the interview in a quiet place

28next.600It is very unprofessional to do an interview with background noise. Whether you’re at home and if they call you on the street you have to find a place to talk quietly. Interviewers analyze it all, and if what you hear in the background is the television with some reality shows then they may think that you spend the day watching such programs. Similarly, it would be very appropriate to be doing the interview while the children are screaming. And if the call has caught you in the bathroom, avoid as far as possible flush once you’ve picked up the phone.

7. Give brief and concise answers

Yes-No-words 8-Best-Tips-to-Overcome-a-Telephone-Job-Interview---Must-Know-Tips-and-Tricks---tinoshare.comGive accurate answers and clearly related to the questions. Hesitate or slow to respond are things you subtract points for the interviewer. One answer too widespread, you can also bore the interviewer or make very heavy call. Remember that the person you are seeing is not you know, nor they know you. You have to try to establish a connection with the interviewer. Also, remember that generally, people who fall well, not surprisingly, tend to like, and therefore, can be enough to reach the next level.

8. Close the interview

After the interview questions, the next steps of the selection process and when you expect to contact you. Do not forget to thank the caller for their time and express your interest in the position. Important: Your goal during the telephone job interview is not getting the job, but get through the physical working interview. So give a reason (or several) to have wanted to see in person.


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