8+ How to hypnotize people with your eyes only

8+ How to hypnotize people with your eyes only - tinoshare.com
8+ How to hypnotize people with your eyes only - tinoshare.com

Hypnosis is the act of putting an individual in a specific mental state. The method by which people are taken to enter that state is called “hypnotic induction”.  Once a person is hypnotized, the power of suggestion becomes very strong, and he can do or say things you would not do in daily. The suspected reason for this suggestible state is the same that makes the subconscious creates that seemingly impossible events in dreams really are “happening”.  A method of hypnotic induction is the direct gaze, a that requires a lot of powerful concentration of the hypnotist. The method of direct gaze is a form of hypnotic induction that uses the of the hypnotist.

How to hypnotize people with your eyes only


1. Ask the subject to stand straight with your weight distributed equivalently.


2. Tell the subject to look directly in front of him. It marks the area just below your right eye and tell him focus his gaze there. Look at the subject to maintain a strong and unwavering eye contact. Do not blink while looking at the subject.


3. Account slow down for five. Keep your eyes unblinking.Between each number, tell the subject that your eyes are closing, your eyes get heavy, and finally his eyes closed.


4. Say the words “Go to sleep now,” once you see the subject gets sleepy. Get ready to catch the subject and put it on a chair or on the ground, when your body falls like a dead weight.


5. Repeat this passage the subject once their eyes are closed: “You are in a state of calm and enjoyable hypnosis There’s nobody in the world that interrupts your pleasant state until I tell you to go I want you to hear every word.. I say “.


6. Tell the subject what you want to do. This can be anything from losing weight or quitting smoking, to eat an onion like an apple. If you’re not a trained hypnotist, express careful when you talk to your subject in this state. You should talk to your subject before, to determine how it would be affected (and what not).


7. Bring the subject out of the hypnotic state. Say something like “when clap hands, you will wake up like new, with your powers inside you and a feeling of rest and relaxation.”


8. It allows the patient to lie for several minutes after hypnosis and ask him to reflect on their experience.


Tips & Warnings

  • Hypnosis is most effective when administered by a doctor or professional hypnotherapist.
  • Hypnosis is a serious tool to influence individuals psychologically. Do not use these tools to have fun or make jokes.