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Before getting started talking about Backlinks, I want to bring a simple example that will logically describe what is backlinks, and then I will give you the definition of Backlinks. Do you know Arnold Schwarzenegger? How about Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt , Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and so on. They are famous right? And you definitely saw them somewhere. But where? Ohh, in the movies right? How about if one of them starts talking about you? What if they say, heyy you know, this guy is amazing and he is making something unbelievable. You will definitely become famous and people will begin searching about you and bloggers and news will begin writing about you. Google will take your name and put it in the first page of Google. Yes, this means backlinks in website language. Being mentioned by someone means referring to some.

Backlinks simply means some people will mention your blog or website in their website or blog. And when Google crawls that website, it will find your site mentioning on their site. Google will analyze it and will give you medals which means, PAGE RANK. Your website or blog becomes famous and will appear on the first page of Google from where it means your website is trusted. It is also important to know what sites are backlinking to your site. A normal site which doesn’t have even page rank, will not really help you to get a page rank. It’s like some normal people is talking about you and no one cares as he is not a star but a normal guy or girl.

Basically Backlinks are of two types

  • Do Follow: These are the links which carry link juice.No follow: These are the links which don’t carry link juice. However,
  • No Follow : links are also good if you are getting them from high PR (Page rank) websites.

So you dont know how to get more backlinks? Well, there are many ways of doing it.

1. Indexing  pages in Google –  simply means you have a content and Google finds it useful and puts it in. Now remember, copying other content and putting that in your website will be indexed but the thing is , it will never appear while someone types the keyword that you have on that content. It might appear but not on the first page of Google. Maybe after 20th page then people will find your site with copied content. Still you have to keep in mind that people , including you, never go until 20th page just to find what they are looking for.

So, make sure your content is original and read more about SEO to below for indexing. If your website is indexed and people will find it. Once they find your content useful, they might write about your website on their Blog which normally means , backlinks. There are many people doing it.

People will just write what they read on your site and they will write their opinion about your content and you will get a backlink. Many people already writing about www.blogowebgo.com and some are just copying a 10% of my content and put it in their blog where they mention READ MORE at www.blogowebgo.com. This is a clean high backlinks which Google loves it. Google has many medals to give it to your blog so , write a really fantastic content :)

2. High Quality Content – I have mentioned this above in indexing page in Google. Sorry, too lazy to write about it again. :)

3. Commenting nice and mentioning your site – Every time you visit some websites and you find the content interesting , always try to thank and leave a really nice comment under the content. Write your opinion on what do you think of it. Make sure it is not humiliation. After you write your comment, leave your site on it. There are chances to get a backlinks if site has not blocked the backlinks as :

      <a href=”http://yoursite.com/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>thatsite.com</a>

To find this code , simply right click on the website link (your website when you mentioned on the comment) and go to Inspected Element (In Google Chrome Browser) then you will find the code. Not all the websites allow you to leave a backlink but some does. Well, you have to find it

4. Sites offering backlinks – There are many sites who offers a backlink. Some asking you an exchange backlink, some paid, some for free but they will ask you to join their email newsletter by asking you to register or give them your email. You can try them all but be careful from some as they might be a spam and Google might penalize your site.

5. Ask for it – Why dont you keep messaging asking the bloggers to give you backlink. This will work. Make sure your content is not same as their content as you know, because of being EGO and jealous  they will never help you. Assume, you have blog of Technology and you are asking a blog of Design. This will work.

This is an example of how to do it:

Hi Name of that site or blog,

I found your site an amazing and have shared in my social site. Amazing article which helped me. I am also a blogger and writing about “Your website informaiton. What it is about” and texting your to ask a favor  if you could add a link back to our site. That way, people can easily find us while reading your article.

Thanks for your article at (website link )and keep up the great work!


Your Name and website

6. Black Hat –  Below videos is especially for it. I am not really fan of backlinks so I dont want to mention in details. Simply watch and you will get more black hat tricks

7. Joining in Forums – Get high ranking in forums and some forums provide you a backlink. Answer some questions and leave your site. Be careful, if you are new, you are not allowed to leave your site while answering or posting new thread. Make sure you have answered at least 10 questions people are asking, and have posted your 10 threads. Find it interesting and post interesting questions .

8. Submit Your Site to Website Feedback Sites –  There are millions of sites that are published on this site to get feedback on how your site looks to others from where they will share an idea which will help you to make your site better looking and ofcouse get a free backlinks.

www.conceptfeedback.com/ – And almost all of them allow a dofollow link back to your site.


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