8 Tips for Finding Concentration in Exam Time


Let us officially welcome the time of exams and the stresses! At this moment, all we want is to have a magic wand to help us memorize everything, by magic art, and quickly. But sorry guys, that does not exist.

What if they exist but they are; study techniques and tricks, which can help you to be more efficient in your study hours and help you to find concentration.

But what is concentration?

We could define concentration as an approach to something in the short term.
And you’re the only one in control, about yourself, to decide whether you can concentrate or not. External agents are not what distracts you, it is your mind that decides that they deserve your concentration, instead of the that is the book so boring you have in front of your noses.

Concentration is the intermediate step between intelligence and memory. Both would be impossible without concentration.

BUT THERE IS A GOOD NEWS, concentration is a muscle. And as such, you can exercise it.

So get it going.

Outside distractions

Have said that the concentration is something that you yourself can achieve, if you want, with your own head. Although I must say, that this is true to some extent.

There are distractions and interruptions, which are not the same and it is what makes us leave our concentration. Interruptions are things that catch our attention, and that make us leave something aside to especially pay attention to these things. Distractions are everything else. The noise of the background heels, the fly that circles around our desk or the message of the mobile Whats app.

But you can avoid it : Use earplugs noise, make yourself comfortable in a place that is optimal for the study, prevents devices (such as mobile, computer) to divert your attention …..
Know yourself and act towards your concentration!

What is the most important? 

PRIORITIZES seems a stupid point, but it is absolutely necessary. Before you start studying, analyze, what is the most important? What is the most attention and concentration you need? Make a list. When you start an afternoon study, at first you are cooler and have more capacity, so organize to study in order of priority.

Focus on one thing and Say goodbye to multitasking!

This is simple logic. When you have many things in mind and you want to do them all, you will start leaving things in the middle, which you will never end. Go step by step, thing by thing. Finish one, before starting the next

Set interruptions, When planning an afternoon study

Breaks are as important as the study. If you do not let your mind air, there will come a time when the saturation will not let you keep moving forward with the matter.
Schedule 15-20 minute breaks in the middle of the study. You will notice the change.

Work in blocks

Is the best way to feel you start and finish work. Program yourself, 2 hours of a matter, rest 15 minutes, 2 hours of other stuff, rest 15 minutes, 2 hours of other stuff …

Make your effort, a reward

Everyone knows the game “Candy Crush”. A game that consists of making a circuit (which is getting longer), passing through different screens and worlds. By surpassing each screen, after a while and many attempts, we feel rewarded, because we can continue the way.
Make your study a path and each section studied, a phase that you have overcome.
Make your studio a game works!

Help your brain with vitamins

It is clear that vitamin supplements are not going to give new or increased capabilities, but if you help compensate for wear that makes your brain during study hours. There is a wide variety of vitamin complexes, which do not need a prescription, which can help you face a long day of study.

Rate yourself, at the beginning, middle and end of the road

It is true that we need to start planning the way in which goals, targets, and methods of production are fixed, but we must also do it halfway, to assess if you are following the methods and if these are giving you the desired result, to continue or change the way.
It is necessary, from time to time to stop and observe.

I hope that our advice will help you and you can find the concentration necessary to face this harsh epoch.