8 Tips for best passwords | Keep safe and secure with this tricks

8 tips for best passwords | Keep safe and secure with this tricks - tinoshare.com
8 tips for best passwords | Keep safe and secure with this tricks - tinoshare.com

Although the news about attacks by hackers and identity theft is getting more common, nearly 65 percent of people use the same passwords over and over again. This means that the same code/password you use to check your credit card, go to Facebook or access your smartphone. Such security breaches are very common, but a business can lose a lot of money to try to recover information that has been stolen. So, what could be a solution to keep all safe?

We leave you some strategies to generate better passwords to help you avoid attacks by hackers.

1. Change them all

it may seem difficult to remember different passwords, but having the same key/password to everything is very dangerous. Create different passwords for your email, applications, social networks and bank cards. Once you have different codes, change them every 6 months for added protection. If you have a problem to forget all the passwords, write them in a note or somewhere where only you can find.

2. Keep them carefully

If you save your password information in your computer, be sure to do so in files or folders easily identifiable as “contrasts” or “passwords” names. And please, do not keep that kind of information on a Post it near your computer.

3. Use a password manager

There are several tools that can help you manage your keywords/passwords. Services such as LastPass1Password, Dashlane and KeePass are well-known. Find the one that best fits your needs.

4. Give them a degree of difficulty

Avoid using the classic sequences that are easy to guess like “12345,” “password” “password” or “admin”.

5. Double identification

There are services that require two steps to verify your identity. For example, you can set your Google and Apple that you send only text message to the cell to verify that the person who entered the service is you. In short, set you mobile number or email for a varification so that everytime your password is entered wrong, the message will be sent to your email to verify if that is you.

 6. Mnemonic keys

Instead of using a combination of letters and numbers, use key phrases that trigger your memory and help you remember your password. Use the name of your first pet, the best concert you attended, your favorite vacation, place, etc. This information is easy for the user to remember but difficult to decipher by a stranger.

7. Question of synchronization

Although it is important to change passwords at least every 6 months, it is also essential not to remove them all at once. It is best rotating slowly to prevent your new passwords are stolen.

8. Look into the future

Remember that although the password handling is quite frustrating, very soon will make obsolete technology through identification technologies that are based on fingerprints, skin, eyes, voice and any other features that it is unique to each person. As you can see now on iPhone, Samsung gadgets and other technologies, they are using this system to make things easier for us.

Hope you found this article useful and do let me know in the comment for any suggestions or questions. I will be glad to assist you!