8+ tips to improve wifi signal – with videos

8+ tips to improve wireless signal - tinoshare.com
8+ tips to improve wireless signal - tinoshare.com

When you want to see one of your favorite series online, the wifi connection/signal becomes slow and the image freezes? If you move away from the router and go to your room you lose your wifi connection/signal? Many people suffer the same drawbacks and do not know how to solve them or they think it is a normal situation. However, with some simple tricks you can reverse this situation and improve coverage of your home signal. Follow these tips and you will achieve improved speed for data transmission and reception of wireless in your home.

Please watch these videos to understand better this issue.

Place the router to the appropriate location

When Internet works fast in the room but in your room or in the kitchen it is very bad signal, the solution may be to change the router location. Place it on a shelf or in a locked room as several walls prevents quick trip signal. You’d better look for a place that is at the center of your home without too many obstacles nearby. As this device transmits waves, like cellular or radio, any object can interfere its route. Try placing it in height and in the field of home than going to use (the signals emitted by the router expands down and to the sides). Appliances such as microwaves and cordless telephones can disrupt the connection. You better stay away from the chosen location.

Choose another channel connection

If you live in a building with many departments or close to your neighbors have their routers near yours is very likely that your network is located in the same band channel than others. This makes the Internet is worse and that the data transmission speed decreases. To solve this problem you just need to enter your router settings from a browser and switch to a channel that is not occupied by other users. There is a wide variety of applications to see what bands are busy and which ones are best to increase your wireless coverage.Some of the most commonly used are: inSSIDer and Wifi Analyzer.


Hiring a better plan Internet

If you hired the most basic Internet plan that provides your local operator and your house there are many devices using the connection, it is likely that everyone run slow. When the rest of your family are downloading music, watching movies online or updating the latest operating system considerably decreases the speed (no matter the channel of your choice or the location of the Router). In these cases the only way to improve the wireless signal is to invest a little more money and hire a plan with more connection speed.


Signal Repeater

It is no use to place the router in a central space if you live in a multi-story home or with thick walls.The signal does not come with the same intensity to the rooms on a different floor of the artifact. A good option to solve this problem is to install a wireless repeater. You can buy it at most appliance stores and you just have to connect to the router via an Ethernet cable (which is commonly used to link all the artifacts that make up a local network).This device is responsible for forwarding the signal to computers and remote devices.


Improve your security

Many new hackers know how to decrypt passwords that cable companies give their users to engage the various Internet plans. If you’ve tried all the above solutions and continue your slow connection, it is likely that someone is stealing Wifi. To avoid this situation change your password from the router configuration and blocks users who appear in your network. Also, you can record the MAC addresses of Medio– –control access only users you decide (there are many online tutorials to learn how) they can connect.


Upgrade the firmware/driver

Smartphones, tablets or computers we use regularly ask us to update their operating systems to function properly. The same applies to the router but most people do not know the situation and never downloaded the latest firmware/driver the manufacturer producing company. To do this, you have to go to the configuration page of the device and download the latest version. Some companies providing Internet services usually tell when you need to install a new version but with the old models and we buy for ourselves not this occurs. To download the latest update of these devices is best to look at the manufacturer’s website and then install them from the router configuration.


Put another antenna

Another way to expand and improve wireless signal is add or replace the antenna with a more powerful router. Some devices do not allow that option because they are internal or fixed antennas. The only option then is to disarm the device and solder new cables (which can be difficult and risky). In case your router if you count with detachable antennas only have to unscrew the current and put some more scope. This will make the transmission power is amplified and the radio signal is distributed better than before.


Increase the power of the router

Some of the routers we bought at computer stores or gives us our Internet company does not come with the transmission power of the wireless module configured to 100% capacity. To change this setting, and improve coverage of our access is necessary to enter the settings section on the website of router. As explained in the previous steps, you will need to enter your username and password to access this section. Once inside you just you have to find the “wireless settings” and then adjusting the power input to the “Transmit Power” option to take it to 100%.