9 Dubai Skyscrapers | In the ski resort in the desert underwater hotel


Before the century, Dubai had only three skyscrapers. All three had been built in 1999. Since then, the city has become a mecca for architectural eccentricity and a haven for any building or imaginable proportions. The list of outrageous ideas have been implemented or not, it is impressive, and realizes the dystopian futurism in which is submerged a city that already attracts millions of tourists a year.

How long? Apparently, the goal of Dubai World, the state company that monitor and plan the huge urban development of Dubai, is to support the city with its own wicker once the oil money runs out. They are on track to do so: Dubai is the dream of every architect with megalomaniacs dyes, but also a city that aspires to become the financial center of the Middle East. These are all symbols of its ostentation.

1. A Ski Resort in the desert

The last show of the luxurious Dubai test. If you organize a World Cup under the most extreme temperatures on the planet possible, why not going to be introducing a winter sport in a place that barely knows the rain? Kilometer and a half ski slope, a hotel complex and entertainment giant and 6,000 million euro investment. The project in question has been dubbed Meydan One and be completed by 2020.


The central building will track the world’s largest artificial ski.

2. The tallest building in the world

Before the credit crisis that hit severely to Dubai World, the country was embroiled in a global race to build the tallest tower in the world. We don’t even speak Burj Khalifa, whose completion was expected in 2009, but the Nakheel Tower, a project then still diffuse and without clear boundaries. They knew something, however: would exceed 808 meters of the current tallest tower in the world, perhaps reaching kilometer. The crisis brought down the project entirely.

In 2009, countries like Kuwait or Argentina (!) Just made a feint build impressive skyscrapers. Nobody did, and today Burj Khalifa, 800 meters, is the highest

At that time, countries like Kuwait or Argentina (!) just made a feint build impressive skyscrapers, nobody did, and today the 800 meter Burj Khalifa remain the architectural top of humanity. Break the ceiling of Dubai by far, to the point that it costs to get an idea of its proportions through photographs.


3. An underwater hotel

What do the “incredible but true” words in the context of a city like Dubai, where the limits of the possible years Outdated? Soon, the truth, but if they had to define a single building of all present or devised in Dubai, that would Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort. Literally one underwater hotel, with an equally luxurious welcome ashore platform and an underwater train transporting guests. 10 star.


Remains stalled. It was presented at the end of the last decade, but an exaggeration of the proposal, together with the financial problems that the city went through momentarily, froze construction. It is unclear to be built in the future.




4. An archipelago of artificial countries

Another of the great symbols of the city, near the Burj Khalifa. Someone in Dubai thought it was an excellent idea land reclamation, nothing unusual in the history of mankind, to create art forms and sell plots of land at a high price. So, we have three palm trees and an archipelago replicating the shape of the continents. If you have 30 million euros maybe you can buy your small part of the world and build your luxurious mansion there.


5. Death Star

Dubai Satanism reaches such extremes inconceivable that someone intends to create a replica of the Death Star in the city and another one accepted regardless. Like so many other projects severed by the harsh reality, the idea of Rem Koolhaas has not yet been carried out and is unlikely to eventually run. It was a cultural center, with domestic hotel, of course, with the exact form of the Death Star Darth Vader.


6. A skyscraper with rotating floors

Perhaps the most interesting project from an architectural point of view, how many have been presented in Dubai. Designed by architect David Fischer, it is a gigantic building over 400 meters where each of its 80 silvers is independent from the rest and can be rotated at will. This would make the shape of the skyscrapers ever be the same, in constant mutation. Introduced in 2009, he had budget froze, and since then has been repeated several times.




7. The headquarters of Chtuhlu

Lovecraft Star Wars, how many of your dreams can come true mitómana adolescence Dubai? Many, perhaps as many as possess. Again, we have a project that was proposed and that due to the recession, was canceled. Continued frozen. But it is so wonderful that we are obliged to quote: talk of the Dubai Towers, four buildings, at first glance, seem tentacles in a veiled tribute to our Lord and Savior Chtulhu.


8. An inexplicable thing called Cloud

Whichever way you have given to this building project we have not been able to make sense, functionality and beauty. As the rotating tower, The Cloud, a conceptual work proposed by Nadim Karam, was greeted with some enthusiasm by the architectural world. For his revolutionary style: a dozen towers holding hundreds of meters a vaporous resort by far imitates a cloud. A cloud raining, that is.


9. Three buildings including dancing

We are not referring to the landmark building dedicated to Fred and Ginger in Prague, but one of the many proposals made by Zada Haid to Dubai. Three gigantic buildings, how could it be otherwise in this city, with curved and tangled together recreating the image of dancers in harmonic motion. It was introduced in 2006, they were even laid the first stone in 2007 and subsequently remained in dry dock given the magnitude of the project and subsequent crisis.