9 mistakes to avoid when opening a restaurant


Opening a restaurant can be very overwhelming. There are different areas/things to consider that often are overlooked. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, read what are these basic errors that you should avoid before the grand opening.

1. Do not think that owning a restaurant is a work

This may seem logical. Owning a restaurant means that you should be at work most of the time, especially at first time.

Do you like birthday, enjoy weekends and holidays?  Know that these are the days when you will have more work. You must be very clear what the duties and functions of a restaurant owner are.

Not only being in the restaurant, it is to guide your team, lead by example, to be with customers, etc.

Think that having a restaurant means only inviting friends, have drinks with them or invite family weekends is a mistake I see more times than I would like.


2. It is important to have a clear business plan

A business plan is especially useful for new restaurant entrepreneur. When you’re gathering/collecting information to create your business plan, you may find problems that you had not previously considered, such as licensing, health standards and tax laws. Find out about everything you need to create a good business plan and avoid negative surprises in the future.

You might need following articles, so check them out.

When you make a business plan, do not forget to develop a business model too.


3. Do not create your own menu

Every restaurant should understand, what is the best menu for the targeted customer. Forget those puzzle menus, a little of this, a little of that.

Always think of your customer when you create a menu.

The more your menu conceptualized, it is much better for your restaurant. People need to go to restaurants with their own identity, a fresh air and breathe only with defined flavors and a hallmark of the house.


4. Not having a clear concept of your restaurant

This classic mistake when opening a restaurant is closely linked to the former.

Nothing is nothing more frustrating for a customer than the concept of the restaurant is unclear. Specializing and having a concept is a winning card when opening a restaurant.

A restaurant, when you enter it, the client has to feel that you are telling a story. That there is a coherence between the letter, decor and service.

Restaurant Management

No concept, customers will be confused and will be harder to remember your restaurant and logically not want this to happen to you recommend and return again and again.


5. Think twice before hiring friends

Although there are many successful family businesses, including restaurants, be careful when hiring relatives and friends. Since the relationship you have with them will change when you become their boss.

Unfortunately work with family and friends is not advisable, because the problems are multiplied.

If you had no choice but to hire family and friends, at least train them and give them clear guidelines. Be very careful here, because it sought many problems before.


6. Thinking that customers come to your restaurant alone

Another common mistake when opening a restaurant is to think that customers come alone.

Many people think that opening the restaurant, people passing through the gate and enter the letter and will love the concept and this will multiply day by day. Many, before opening, already thinking about franchising, because it will be so successful that many restaurants want to be like that.

how to manage a restaurant

But having customers is not easy.  I wish it were that simple.

For customers, it should be an attractive proposition and above all, work hard to get new customers and retain those who are coming. For that we must use marketing strategies for restaurants constantly.

Without applying marketing for restaurants, it will be impossible to have customers

7. Not taking into account the location of the restaurant

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Before creating a business plan, creating demand, or borrow money from the bank, you must decide where exactly are you going to put your restaurant. The location of a restaurant is so crucial to your success as a good meal and a good service.

Some students telling that they have a good menu, great service, but not many people go for the location, so much very careful that customers will think the same way regardless of the ubication. This issue is crucial in opening a restaurant, so make sure you know the place perfectly and make sure there are many people living around or passing by your restaurant.


8. Study bad competition

Often, people who want to open a restaurant, they look at the other restaurants with a look too critical. “I can do best garlic prawns here.” “If this restaurant was mine, never have a TV in the bar.”…

Do not waste your time on improving other restaurants and put those improvements into yours. Perhaps you would be contributing to have a restaurant with a puzzle concept.

Also watch out for copy. If you notice, most new restaurants that open are copies of others already in operation.

By studying the competition, ask yourself:

  1. Why do people come here?
  2. What attracts them?
  3. Will they love?
  4. What’s the difference between mine and other’s?
  5. What I have that other restaurant don’t have?

When you find it, think about how you could bring your own restaurant, or better yet, do something unique that no one else offers.


9. The staff not only handles..

Many people who want to open a restaurant think that the issue of personnel is the last to be considered, nor will attach importance to the selection, or continuous training or his address.

The staff not only handles to give them clear guidelines, if you want to have a restaurant without conflicts and efficient.

This is a big failure, which is a subject that I emphasized in my talks much or online classes.

For a team to work in harmony, follow this little guide steps:

  • Choose well your staff
  • Search capabilities rather than experience
  • Positively reinforced
  • Where appropriate redirects
  • To be a good leader
  • Gives clear orders
  • A great etc.

I hope you consider these errors to avoid when you open a restaurant because this is not a game, it is not only your sleep, but is an investment of time and money to be cherished. Mind the money you have spent and that will make you realize to care this business more.