9+ Tools To Find The Best Twitter Hashtags


Including trends and popular Twitter hashtags in your posts is a great way to increase your visibility beyond your own followers. However, if you want to get the most out of hashtags, you need to know which ones work best for you and your brand.

Below you can see a list of nine hashtag tools broken down by categories, which will help you increase your social reach and form a brand awareness.

Tools to find trending hashtag

In order to increase your reach, you have to figure out what hashtags are trending at the time and create relevant content accordingly. These tools can help you find the best popular hashtags:

1. Twitter

The most obvious place to review the hashtags that are trend in place is Twitter itself, as it has the most accurate information on the subject. The only negative is that it is limited to 10 hashtags, so if you need more, you’ll have to use another application.

2. Trendsmap


Trendsmap is a tool that lets you see the hashtags that are trending by location. This is useful because you can see how different locations are being discussed different events, and you can use that information to geographically target your messages.

9+ Tools To Find The Best Twitter Hashtags

3. Social Sprout


When you’re investigating what hashtags to use may be beneficial to see which are associated with your brand. The “trend report” analyzes all messages and shows what hashtags are trending with your personal brand. Once you know this, you can start using those terms to enter your followers discussion.

9+ Tools To Find The Best Twitter Hashtags2

4. RiteTag


RiteTag is an amazing tool for many reasons. The first is that it provides a list of hashtags that are trendic topic you can use to improve your fingertips. Another reason is that you can download a browser extension that integrates with social networks and showing the most popular hasthtags as you create your posts and programs.


Tools to find popular hashtags

What’s tendency it is not always the most relevant to your brand. However, it is still a good idea to include popular hashtags in your posts to gradually increase the number of prints. An example might be the NBA as part of hasthtag “throwback Thursday”.

5. #tagdef


This tool shows popular hashtags period (current, weekly or top hashtag of all time) time. TagDEF also includes a definition for each hashtag, making it easier for community managers familiar with the topic before creating content.


6. hashtagify.me


Hashtagify.me makes it easy to find hashtags related to the main theme you want to talk. Then you can use those hashtags along with the original. This will increase the scope, the number of clicks and conversion of your tweets.


Tools to monitor and visualize your hashtags

These tools will help you visualize your campaigns hashtags, controlling all its activities.

7. Tint


Once you’ve started your campaign you can use Tint hashtags to add all social messages containing that hashtag in one place.


8. Tagboard


Tagboard hashtags is a tool that has an incredible design. For each “Tagboard” a hashtag with which you can track specified. This way you can easily read all messages containing the hashtag that interests you.


9. Keyhole.co


Keyhole was originally created for internal use, but it was decided to open to the public when it began to receive some positive feedback. It has features that are available for free but more advanced require a paid subscription.

This is an example of the cloud of words Keyhole generated when a search for the hashtag #socialmedia is performed. In each of these hashtags associated with #socialmedia you can also click to see the post that are used.

9-tools-to-find-the-best-twitter-hashtags9Hashtags are a very popular aspect of Twitter and other social networks, and should be used by brands to help your marketingThat is why it is important to make sure you are using the best tools to research, create and monitor all hashtags related to your brand.