9 Toxic People Who Destroy Your Business | Phsycology Tips and Tricks


If you want to build a great business, you should be very careful who you let into it.

Emotions and behaviors can also be spread as easily as an ordinary flu virus. But knowing who to avoid and who to let into your business is not always an easy thing to discover.

However, with a little practice, you can become really good at identifying those who will bring something valuable and positive, and you should get away from your life if you do not want to destroy your business.

Here are the 10 persons (whether employees, partners or customers) that you should avoid when starting your business or administer it. You can even move people and apply these to your own personal life, not just labor.

1. The mermaid

Who has not ever met a mermaid? Mermaids are those amazing and attractive that, upon entering your business, completely distract you.

More than any other people, they have a particular way of stealing all your concentration  (because they want that they pay much attention) and send your efforts to waste. They have sacrificed many promises made by the sirens.

Some have sold their business for much less than its value, and others have abandoned the typical pattern of “get rich quick” because of some sirens that have convinced. Do not let that happen to you.


2. Elephant

An elephant never forgets. And in this case, the elephants will be those who will not let you live in peace and you will be constantly reminded of your past mistakes, who used to be, or what things you did wrong.

So do not let this “animal” push you into the past; everyone makes mistakes, especially entrepreneurs. And to fail, you always learn something. So go your way and always look forward.


3. He who hates

Those who hate (or haters ) are people who want to be on top but do not want to work to get there. Instead, they try to push people to drag them to the bottom and thus made themselves believe that they are above all.

They are only losers, but they can serve as a means of motivation may sound strange. Do not let them through the door of your business, but use them as motivation to do your business as strong as possible.



4. The goat

Goats are incredibly charismatic people, great communicators, and – at least apparently – full of luck, looking to be with everything. These guys have many strengths; the problem is that the use of twisted way.

Robert Downey Jr. with closed eyes and a bouquet of flowers in hand

Goats have little ambition, but always try to convince others of making bad decisions. So if in your business you are often making decisions that then sorry when you are around certain people.


5. The narcissist

Narcissists are talented people who are too consumed with themselves to take action on something. They are especially bad about taking a team-oriented work decisions.

A narcissistic even encourage you to put the image of your business over your reputation, which is a very bad idea. When starting a business, it is always better to be transparent and authentic. Do not try to make things look bigger than they are.
Espajo narcissistic man looking at her face while strokingInstead, avoid the narcissistic and be real. Keep them away and focus on your reputation, not your image.


6. The nemesis

Sometimes you have to work with someone you can not stand, nor will support you, especially in the initial stage of your business. If you’re not careful, this can be very distracting.

Try to understand that perhaps you do not like your nemesis is probably not something you endure in yourself or something you love too much on yourself. Anyway, the only way to fix it is to put a mirror in front of you, not in front of your nemesis.

An angry woman pointing the finger at another woman angry

Your opponent can also be a counselor somehow. If you include a nemesis in your business, you use this person to learn from yourself because once you do, he or she will no longer be your nemesis.


7. Ares

Ares is the Greek god of war, and also the kind of people who loves conflict. They are addicted to drama and winning at all costs, even when there is nothing to be gained.

A man in suit yelling with satisfaction face in front of his laptop

Any time you try to spend correcting or even understanding an Ares is just a waste of time. It is better to ignore these people and keep them as far from your side as you possibly can, because they will bring only trouble.


8. The black cat

Some people can illuminate a whole room as they enter through the door; others to do the same, pure negativity off. And in business is the same. Black cats are the people of this second type.

It seems that they had a black cloud chasing them wherever they go. Such people are unfortunate, negative, and always sad. But beware: do not feel bad for them.

Sad woman with hands on face

They are probably individuals who like to live well because they love the attention they get with it.So let them aside, but making sure that side is outside of your business.


9. The Fat Cat

Fat cats are those individuals who come to your business, you will throw a bunch of money and will offer the world.

Whether investors or financial backers of the best companies in the world, do not let them dazzle or distract you from your money that really want to control your company and you make money – and not in a good way -.
I am very careful with whom you involve yourself in your business.You have not worked so hard to see how your brand or your reputation will go away because of that one fat cat paws you’ve thrown up.



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