9 Types Of Video Marketing To Increase Sales Of Your Business

9 Types Of Video Marketing To Increase Sales Of Your Business - tinoshare.com

We have already spoken of the power of video to reach more customers and increase sales of your business. Today we present the video types you can create for your company depending on the type of content and audience.

There is a wide range of possibilities in terms of video types, but we have summarized in this list the 9 most common ones and are most useful for businesses.

1. Informational Video

This is a type of the video that generally summarizes the activity of a company and what you can expect from it. It is very attractive to offer customers within minutes an overview of the business. It aims to build customer loyalty or to disclose the company. It usually occurs in the home of the website.

2. Video presentation of a product

Since the video is a powerful tool to capture the attention and synthesize information, they are often used to show in detail all the features of a product, resulting in much more attractive and effective than any brochure or catalog.

This kind of video can be very useful for ecommerce for example, because they can achieve expedite the final buying decision, the customer having shown the product of a close to reality. The video presentation of a product can be made on any item or service.

Usually the video before the product begins to be marketed to cause excitement and curiosity in customers is launched.

3. Video Catalog

This video is popular among textile companies. They have a narrative thread and an artistic component that often recalls video clips. They are very attractive and easy to see and can be combined with an offline catalog.

4. Video Advertising

This type of video is to simulate any advertisement that can be found in the offline media, but has the benefit that it can be longer without having to pay much more for it, but my recommendation is that the more synthesized your information is, the more successful your video will be. In addition to this, share and distribute it in different online platforms and social networks that you will not pay a large outlay of money and get reach more audience. This kind of video can be compatible with advertisements in offline media.

 5. Video Tutorials

This type of videos offer more detailed content, because they are used to explain the operation of a service, product or software for example. The more information is provided to customers through videos, more knowledge of the company obtained, which will result in greater confidence in their products. If your audience sees how easy it is to use your service you can get more sales. Such videos are best run on platforms like Youtube.

6. Demonstration Videos

The demonstration videos are similar to the tutorials, but they highlight the benefits and effectiveness of the new product over its operation. This type of video is a mix between the tutorial video and advertising. They may be accompanied by other strategies such as computer graphics. It is common to find these videos on the Internet, but also can see on the screens of large commercial centers or DIY stores.

7. Testimonials

Video testimonials are that old or existing customers tell their experience with a product of the company through a series of interviews. Such videos are used to generate confidence and security in new customers.

8. Training Videos

The training videos are typically used by large companies to explain their operation and to publicize the quality of their products through their manufacturing processes. Typically, the video focuses on the manufacturing process rather than the marketing of products, but can cover the entire development.

9. Video Image and corporate culture

Your goal is to get a good image of the company by highlighting all the benefits. Usually it tells from his birth to his greatest achievements. You can count on interviews of workers to reflect the good working environment. Get enhance a strong corporate culture and generate pride in belonging to the company. This type of video can also be used to recruit talent for the company.

Once you’ve created your corporate video, you must not forget to give it the visibility it deserves. For this you can help tactics of video marketing and distribute video in platforms like Youtube or Vimeo and of course, share it on your social networks.

The utility and the benefits it can bring you a corporate video are many.