9 Ways to Make Money With Your Website/Blog | Ad Network Alternatives


If you have a website or blog, perhaps you’ve wondered about how to obtain a financial gain from it. A variety of services that will allow additional income, in exchange for advertising.In this article you will find a selection of suggested, with information about its main features.

Google AdSense:

9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comThe service of AdSense for content, is the classic Google service that automatically scans the content of your page and displays ads, both graphic and text relevant to your visitors, that are useful to their interests.

It works from insertion into your site, via a code JavaScript, text-based ads. For each ‘click’ that visitors do on these ads, called AdWords, you will receive an amount % of money.

Google server analyzes the page where you insert the code, depending on the contents, it generates a code that shows a series of business ads that are related to the topic of your page.

Advantages: The formats of the ads are customizable, both in color and in size and can prevent ads from appearing websites competition.

Requirements: It only requires you to be the administrator of a website and you apply to Adsense inclusion in the program. It has some demands on the quality of sites and pages that have not accept pop-ups.

Income: The amount varies depending on the advertiser.

Payments: by check and bank transfer once a month as long as you have reached the minimum of $ 100, or alternatively once a year, whatever the amount is.

Another possibility offered by Google to monetize your website is AdSense for search. It lets you offer your users Google search technology to websites and online, and earn income from Google ads on the search results pages.




9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comIt is an American company dedicated to buying and selling links. Matomyseo (old Text Link Ads) is a complement rather than an alternative to Adsense. Not contextual advertising, but it is selling links to your site at a fixed price per month.

Advantages: unlike Adsense generates steady income. It is compatible with other systems.

Requirements: Similar to Adsense. You must register and wait for the site to be approved.

Income: Get 50% of the total price of each ad. Payments are made on the first business day of each month, by check if you have reached a minimum of $ 25 and no minimum for PayPal. Pricing depends on the subject and site traffic and ad category.

Text Link Ads also offers an affiliate program, which involves placing a banner on your site. Every time someone signs up through it and is accepted at Text Link Ads, you will get $ 25.



9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comIt is a market for such text links. Policy LinkLift (Keep In Mind, it is Spanish AD Network which is also available for English) founded in mid-2006 in Berlin, is to work only with quality publishers that offer original content. The advantages, requirements and ways to get the payments.

Advantages: For each text link you earn fixed monthly amount, regardless of the number of page views or the percentage of visitors who pressed links. The text links take little and can appear under the “fold” of the page.

When selling a text link to your site send you an email and you can decide if the link address pointed to is not set or the theme of your website, thus having full control over the links that appear in your site. It can be used in conjunction with systems of contextual advertising or pay per click.

Requirements: registration of your website. In 24 hours we report if it has been accepted. LinkLift incorporate the script on your website.

Income: they depend on the position of text links, quality of content and the popularity of your website. Payments are made through PayPal. The minimum transfer is 25 €. It is charged monthly. You will receive 70% of the profits collected by links to your site. For the referral system will pay 10 € for each record.

Considerations: Use a script on your server that automatically generates text links to what is necessary for your website using one of the following technologies: PHP, Perl, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Serendipity. if you use a different technology you should contact the technical team.


9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comExoclick is contextual advertising, aided by keywords, like Adsense.

Advantages: It is contextual advertising. You can choose the keywords that interest you in evaluating the advertising on your site. It supports adult content. Real-time statistics.

Payments: The minimum charge is $ 10 (a difference of 100 Adsense). You pay 5% for referrals for life. They offer advice for a deeper integration of ads into your content.


9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comIt is “the market for Internet ads” that connects independent publishers of the web with thousands of advertisers. AdBrite has grown tremendously over the past three years, from 2,400 publishers with whom it had in 2004, the most 40,000 it has today.

It is a service selling advertising space on your site. They can be banners or text links. Your site is offered in a market, and buyers choose to publish.

AdBrite was created by Philip Kaplan and Gidon Wise in 2002. They were looking for an easy way to sell advertising on their websites and blogs, and decided to place a small box with the text “Your Ad Here”. The simplicity of AdBrite made became popular by word of mouth and within two years, more than 1,000 sites began to use it to sell online advertising.

Advantages: full control over the pricing of your site. Control over the content of the ads. You can approve or reject advertisements. Direct selling space through a box with the text: “Your Ad Here”. Compatible with other advertising systems. AdBrite deals with anucio, billing, customer service and sales.

Referral Program: Allows you to generate an additional income of 50% of AdBrite benefits for the first 3 months and 10% for 9 months.


9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comIt is a platform that mediates between advertisers, agencies, developers and bloggers to analyze these products, services or design.  Zync is focused on the Hispanic market analysis and is the Spanish equivalent of Reviewme.com .

If you’re a blogger, it lets you earn money by analyzing products and services to your page. You control what you want to analyze and it is independent, that is, and we encourage you to be constructively critical of what you analyze.

Requirements: To be accepted, your blog must reach minimum standards in the rankings of Alexa and Technorati . They also measure your position on search engines and the update level (how often publish new posts).

Payments: Your blog is measured by its popularity and influence, by category, and a price that they pay only once for each analysis is estimated.

The price is determined by the scope and relevance that has your blog. A wider audience, the higher the price. You will be paid between € 10 and € 150 per analysis completed you create on your page.

Payments are calculated and paid on the first business day of each month.
The advertisers choose which blogs they will analyze. You also have the option to advertise on your blog that it belongs to the analysis program sponsored by Zync.

Analyses must be at least 200 words and the post of the analysis should include language indicating that it is being sponsored by Zync. You will win 71% of the price of the analysis. If, for example, an advertiser pays 70 euros for analysis, the blogger receives 50 Zync another 20.

The price you get by default is not exact, but you can increase or decrease the supply.The price that you can put is 14 euros. Once accepted the analysis, you have 48 hours to complete, publish and report Zync.es that is done.

The market is a new feature of Zync.es whereby advertisers instead of asking specific analysis in blogs, launch an offer for analysis at a certain price to a group of blogs, by category and score them.



9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comThe service TradeDoubler, allows you to place their ads on your website, you can receive commissions for impressions, clicks, registrations or sales. It offers several products supporting open access for its members. After you register you become part of:

td Pull (Affiliate network) can advertise on your website and make money by redirecting your traffic to the pages of advertisers.

You get commissions for every click, unique visitor registration or sale that you generate. You can monitor, evaluate and monetize your website traffic and get higher commissions if you get better results.

td Talk (Red Pay-per-call): it allows you to charge for the traffic you generate, whether it becomes a click or online sale, such as a phone call.

td Push (Campaign network): Allows you to generate more revenue through newsletters and emails.

td Reach (Red Banner) banner advertising, which lets you update your online advertising space quickly and evaluate the results.

td Toolbox (Marketing interface) allows you to optimize the advertising space on your website, measuring its effectiveness, with an online control center easy to use, obtain real-time reporting.

Zanox m³:

9-Ways-to-Make-Money-With-Your-Website---Blog---Ad-Network-Alternatives---tinoshare.comIt is the competitor of Trade Doubler. Although recently that has begun in Spain and does not have the variety of programs within its competence, has best commissions in the premium category. Zonox m³ includes print campaigns payment equal to or greater than € 3 prices.

Advantages: Each program reports the level of security you use, allowing you, for example, whether the campaign will work well on a bulletin board, which in other affiliate programs you need to go asking advertiser.

Payments: it Is transfer. The information on fees is fast. Since the control panel can be found outstanding payments and verify data. Up to 3 payments in one month to request a AdRank of 6 or higher. Commissions premium: higher from a 6 AdRank payments.

Highlights: Supported in 10 languages. International assistance service by phone, mail and email, 24 hours. Local support, training and events in 30 countries. It operates 200 currencies in different parts of the world.Analysis and statistics in real time. Personalized announcements and automatic optimization of the same.