9+ Ways To Use Color To Increase Conversions On Your Website


The color wields enormous power over our attitudes and emotions. When our eyes recognize a color, communicating with a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which in turn sends a cascade of signals to the pituitary gland in the endocrine system, and then to the thyroid glands. These glands release hormones, which cause fluctuations in mood, emotions, and behavior.

90% of all product evaluations have to do with color. It is, therefore seems obvious that the color and design of your website, blog or online store have a decisive increase conversions for your web paper.

What is the psychology of color?

To understand the advice we offer, let’s first give you a little information about the psychology of color.

Psychology of color is the science that studies how color affects human behavior. The psychology of color is actually a broader behavioral psychology branch. Suffice it to say that it is a very complicated and it is difficult to test theories.

There are key facts of the theory of color that are indisputable. A customer takes only 90 seconds to form an opinion about a product. And between 62-90% of that interaction is determined by the product color. The color is critical. Our success depends on how we use it .


Where should you use color?

This article discusses the use of color in web design. Specifically, let’s talk about the color scheme of a web page, including graphics, titles, borders, backgrounds, buttons and pop – ups.

In the following example, NinjaJump scheme uses a red-yellow-green in its logo, phone number, menus, graphics, and sidebar. The tips discussed below can be applied similarly – menus, sidebars, color combinations, etc.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website1-tinoshare-comUsing the correct color in the right way

The color is a complicated issue. You have to use it the right way, at the right time, with the right audience, and for the right purpose.

For example, if like Ninja Jump sell inflatable houses for children, you should not use the black color, if not bright, vibrant colors, such as red, green and perhaps a touch of yellow.

If, however, you are selling a product for women, do not use brown or orange.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website2-tinoshare-comTo succeed in using color psychology, you need to follow these basic principles:

  • The right way
  • The right time
  • The right audience
  • The right purpose

Here are some tips that professionals use when it comes to conversions and color.

Tips on color improve your conversions


1. Women do not like the gray, orange and brown (at least some)

They like blue, purple and green.
The sociological differences between the preferences of color is a whole branch of study in itself.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website3-tinoshare-comIn a survey by gender, 35% of women said that blue was her favorite color, followed by purple (23%) and green (14%). 33% of women confessed that the color orange was the least favorite, followed by brown (33%) and gray (17%).

Other studies have confirmed these findings, revealing a feminine aversion to earth tones and a preference for the primary colors with nuances. If you visit almost any web whose target audience is female, you will find these color preferences confirmed.

Milani Cosmetics has a mainly female customer base. Therefore, there is not a hint of orange, gray or brown on its home page:

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website4-tinoshare-comWoman’s day uses the three women favorite colors (blue, purple and green) on its website, thus inviting your target audience:

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website5-tinoshare-comMost people think that women universally favorite color is pink. Not so. Only a small percentage of women choose the color pink as their favorite color. While the rose can suggest femininity in color psychology, this does not mean that pink is attractive to all women, or even to mostly.

2. Men do not like purple, orange, and brown

They like blue, green and black. These colors are traditionally associated with masculinity. However, a little surprised that the brown not enter this selection.

3. Use the blue color to increase user confidence

Blue is one of the most used colors, and rightly so. Almost everyone likes it.

There is broad consensus in the scientific community about the psychological effects of blue. Its subtle message of confidence and serenity is true.

The world’s largest social network is blue and is not a coincidence.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website6-tinoshare-comA company that serves as a conduit for billions of dollars, PayPal, also prefers the blue. Most likely this will help improve reliability. If you chose such as red or orange they would probably not have the same level of conversion.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website7-tinoshare-comBlue, in fact, is a color widely used by banks.

Although the blue applies to almost everything, you never use if your business is power . Dieters use blue plates to eat less.Evolutionary theory suggests that blue is a color associated with poison and not many blue foods. Therefore, never use blue if you sell food products.

4. Yellow is for warnings

Yellow is a warning color. Therefore, the color yellow is used to warning signs, traffic signs, and signals wet ground.

It seems odd, then, that some psychologists state that is the color of happiness. Business Insider reports that “brands use yellow to show they are fun and friendly.”

In any case, it seems certain that “the yellow activates the anxiety center of the brain”, as reported by an expert in color.

A high level of anxiety is not good unless it comes in small doses. Therefore, a call to action yellow can create the right touch of anxiety you need to click on it is made.

5. Green is ideal for environmental products and outdoor

Perhaps the most intuitive connection color is green, the color of the outdoors, the environment and nature. The color green is essentially a symbol of nature itself.

Green is also a color that can enhance creativity. A study  known as the “Green Effect” indicated that participants were more bursts of creativity when they saw a flash of green instead of any other color.

If the focus of your website has to do with nature, environment, organic, or outdoors, the green should be your color.

6. Orange is a fun color that can create a sense of rush or push

According to some studies the orange helps stimulate physical activity, competence, and confidence. This may be the reason that the orange is widely used by sports teams and children’s products.

Amazon.com uses orange on their banner “limited time offer”. The color indicates the urgency, which makes the message more remarkable:

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website8-tinoshare-comMakes sense. Orange means activity, fun, union. Because it is a strong, warm color. However, the orange can be slightly overwhelming. An article on Psych.Answers.com advises: “Orange will be used sparingly to bring your attention to something, but not enough to overwhelm the real message of the ad.

Sometimes the orange is interpreted as “cheap”. (Compared to the black, which is the color of luxury). Forbes raised the question: “Cheap message describes orange?”, In an article on the “color effect on sales of commercial products.” The answer was “yes” resounding. If your product offering is cheap or if you want to be seen as such, the orange can be a good choice.

7. The black adds a sense of luxury

A Lifescript article describes the black as “elegance, sophistication, power”, which is exactly what designers and luxury online shop sites want high – end feel. The article goes on to describe the black as a “timeless classic” color, which also helps explain the use of black in high-value products.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website9-tinoshare-comWhen it is used properly, it can communicate glamor, sophistication, and exclusivity.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website10-tinoshare-comIf you sell luxury items on your website, black, probably the best option.

8. Use bright primary colors for your call to action

Colors with higher conversion for a call to action are the primary and secondary colors: red, green, orange, yellow.

Darker colors like black, dark gray, brown or purple have lower rates of conversion.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website11-tinoshare-comSome of the best colors for conversion are “ugly” (orange and yellow). An article on ColorMatters.com says: “Psychologically, the ‘anti-aesthetic’ colors capture more attention than the aesthetically correct.

9. Do not forget “white”

White is often forgotten because its main use is as the background color. Most well-designed websites today use a lot of white space in order to transmit freedom, breadth, and transparency.

9-ways-to-use-color-to-increase-conversions-on-your-website12-tinoshare-comHave you already decided how you want your website to be? Which color you prefer to use on your projects?