9+1 Great Apps for productivity & management

9+1 Great mobile apps for productivity & management - tinoshare.com

Improving productivity is a priority for every professional or company. The Internet greatly facilitates the tasks anywhere, connecting equipment and improving collaboration among users.

To do this, we need applications that allow us to work across teams spread over large geographic areas or just in different areas of a large building. Productivity tools, management, and communications that are essential in the age of mobility and we approach today pointing out the more interesting.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft OfficeThe office suite productivity and market leader offers document collaboration in real time and all the features you need professional mobility. It offers the home suite with Office 2016, the version of the suite for installations locally destined to computer desktops and optimized for use with mouse and keyboard or basic free edition Office Online. Office 365 is the version cloud and ideal for productivity Mobile for its optimization to work with any device, the connection to the cloud storage service OneDrive and their ability to collaborate from anywhere. Microsoft offers Office 365 for the company through a variety of subscription plans and Office 365 for personal use by 69 per year or home for 99 euros per year.

Google Drive / Docs

google-driveIt is the alternative to Office 365. It is included in the storage service Cloud Drive and lets you view, edit and share documents, your automatic backup, versioning and revision with or without an Internet connection. It is available for Windows, Mac, smartphones and web browsers in every market. It is free with cloud storage up to 15 GB and low monthly or annual subscription with larger storage capacity and performance.


SlackIt is a business communication tool that is gaining popularity thanks to a simple and effective operation, which begins with a friendly environment, not without power to communicate teams anywhere in the world. Allows creation of public chat rooms, sending private messages or group conversations. It is just the beginning because it includes a powerful search functionality and integration with a number of services cloud storage as Google Drive or Dropbox, social networks like Twitter and other productivity tools. It offers free web service and mobile app on Android and iOS, and also monthly subscription fee to access its full potential.

Skype Business

skype_for_businessThe communications service has become one of the great assets of Microsoft, replacing Lync to become the main and only application service and corporate communications company. It includes instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony, application sharing, file transfer, and enterprise level security account management workers, among other features recently added as collaboration and integrated into Office applications professional meetings. Business Skype is available from 1.7 euros per user per month, while consumer Skype is free.


tour-boardProject management application that allows organizing tasks of a team, a professional or a user for personal or family. Its operation is as simple as powerful enough to create a board to add lists cards. His organization is extremely visual and you can see an entire project looking at the board. Its operation is simple, dragging and dropping cards from lists or people cards, updating the project in real time. Post comments or upload files from a local computer or from cloud services.


macbook-wunderlist-actionOne of the applications most valued as task manager that allows simple tasks to plan and organize a large person or a team. Aesthetically very nice, set deadlines and reminders, task assignments. Notes and hashtags as context and meaning. It is available in free web version for Windows or Mac and a huge number of mobile devices. Instantly synchronize your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere. You can also share lists and collaborate with colleagues in a project, but in the Pro version, you have to pay.


EvernoteIt is one of the major applications of organizing personal information through notes from short lists to longer research. It allows to communicate, collaborate and share in real time with another person, multiple synchronized devices, anywhere in the world without having to leave the application. It has native versions for Windows and Mac, as well as mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and Web version. It offers a basic free version and two versions payment under subscription (Plus and Premium) more monthly charges, greater access and more options.


ScanbotSurely the best mobile application scanning market. Very fast and accurate, it attempts to automatically detect the document and if it does, it automatically starts scanning. It produces high-quality prints on universal image or PDF formats for printing or upload to cloud services like OneDrive, Drive or Dropbox. It includes several color modes, auto optimization and blur reduction. It also includes workflows for the most frequently used tasks. It features Pro payment and free basic version for iOS and Android devices.

OneDrive for the company

OneDrive for the companyThe professional version of the service cloud storage from Microsoft, is one of the applications essential for professional mobility. Enhanced for Windows 10, offers not only storage and file synchronization in the cloud but integration with Office 365 suite, which enables collaboration with other users in real time, editing documents from anywhere using a Web and file access browser from different mobile devices with Windows Phone, iOS and Android systems. Microsoft offers several price plans with storage capacity of 1 Tbyte.


maxresdefault-1Another major applications team collaboration online that goes beyond simple internal communications via Campfire, it includes a document editor, task list or shared files enabling truly effective management projects. Web version has and has mobile applications for iOS and Android. Basecamp is free for teachers, offers free trial of sixty days for any user and then several packages with monthly or annual payment.

What do you think of these apps? Have you ever used any from this list?