A Box Turning Your Home Into a Film Projector | Pizza Hut Exploration and Fantastic Marketing Plan

a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare
a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare

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In Hong Kong pizza Hut came up with a thought of the marketing to turn the sales up and build a mouth marketing more of a positive Rumor. a simple box that let’s your mobile become turn into home movie projector by pizza Hut is currently on every websites.

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong simply created film nights way more fun with a pizza box that helps flip your phone into a film projector.

The design of the pizza box film projector is kind of ingenious: It comes with a specially-designed pizza table — the white very little convenience that holds your pizza in place — with a clastic projector lens at the highest, which inserts into a perforated hole at the front of the box. A QR code on the one side of the box brings you to a webpage with four pizza-themed movies for your viewing pleasure. Once you’ve got picked a movie of your fav, you shore your phone with the pizza box table. And voila, you’ve got cinema!

Don’t expect something resembling high definition, though. The image quality is, to place it exquisitely, charmingly old style The image quality is, to place it exquisitely, charmingly old style, and unless you’ve got a Bluetooth speaker, the audio quality are going to be poor since your phone is within a pizza box.

You won’t be ready to stream from your Netflix account either, since the image on your phone must be reflected so as to project properly. Also, your phone can most likely smell of pizza when, that is either nice or terrible.

These are all minor complaints although, as a result of however cool is that this thing? i do not care that it’s compromised: It’s too cool to matter.

As of now, the pizza box projector is unfortunately solely out there in Hong Kong with no word on a unharness in alternative markets. Hopefully it makes its way to the Dubai— it’d even make me contemplate intake a pizza Hut pizza.


a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare2
a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare2
a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare3
a-box-turning-your-home-into-a-film-projector-pizza-hut-exploration-and-fantastic-marketing-plan tinoshare.com


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