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Spreading a word to help someone is one of my biggest interest. I do it just to help others get rid of the situation they are in. After reading about this issue, as one of my friend’s mother who suffers from it, I decided to search more deep from net and keep the same post on my blog and show it as a banner just to make people see it which means it might remind them if they are in the same situation.

This is quite serious if you only skip it whereas you’ve got an anxiety. a minimum of you must have some techniques/tricks/exercise that’s prepared in mind while having an anxiety. Some people (who are in this situation) panic and do not have enough knowledge to alleviate and it simply me to seem for an easiest method of relieving by working on some old exercises. The exercise is named the 4-7-8 technique and it’s pretty renowned that can really help as per my experience. Study over study has connected meditation to lower stress levels, and this easy-to-follow exercise will certainly assist you reap a number of the de-stressing advantages that come back together with consistent meditation follow.

It is suggested to perform this exercise whenever managing a nerve-racking situation. It’s all easy by simply the simplest way of inhaling and exhaling. you will begin feeling a lot relaxed instantly. Here’s the way to do it:

  • Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue simply behind your top front teeth, and keep it there through the whole exercise.
  • Exhale utterly through your mouth, make a whoosh sound.
  • Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of 4.
  • Hold your breath and count till seven seven slowly
  • Exhale fully through your mouth, make a whoosh sound to a count of eight.
  • This is one breath. Keep Inhaling again and repeat 3 more times for a complete of 4 cycles.


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