A cloud of illuminated balloons 100,000; Yes, art can be wonderful - tinoshare.com
A cloud of illuminated balloons 100,000; Yes, art can be wonderful - tinoshare.com

Sometimes artists through their works make the world talk about them because they are capable of transmitting various sensations arise and connect with millions of people, even though they are in person before the work. Works that do not have big budgets or complex installations.

This is the case of French artist and photographer Charles Petillion, who since last year has invaded the galleries with his art through balloons. ” Invasions “consisted precisely that fill everyday places with white balloons of different sizes, as a way to attack and makeover into something common. After a year, Charles is back with his biggest and most amazing facility, a worthy sequel to “Invasions”. With you, “Heartbeat”.


Heartbeat: a cloud of energy that seeks to change the perception of the world we live in

A cloud of illuminated balloons 100,000; Yes, art can be wonderful - tinoshare.com

Inside the building mythical Covent Garden, in London, it is one of the most fascinating art installations in recent months. Heartbeat is a great cloud of 100,000 giant balloons, which spans a length of 54 meters along the building, each balloon is interwoven in a way that looks no end from the beginning and during their journey.

Some balloons incorporate white lights that glow softly as a pulse, where the intention is to reflect the history, the dynamism and energy of the place. This facility is part of the London Design Festival and will be available until September 27.


Heartbeats is the first public installation and outside France to Charles Petillion, who thus refers to his work:

“Invasions I think balloons are metaphors. Its aim is to change the way we see things that we live every day, without really realizing it. With Heartbeat wanted to represent the market building as the beating heart of this area, a connection its past and present, which allow visitors to re-examine its role as the heart of life in London.

Each balloon has its own dimensions and yet is part of a huge but fragile composition that creates a cloud floating above the energy market. This fragility is represented by the contrast of materials and also the whiteness of balloons with vivid and vibrant as the area pulse. ”


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