A Deep Strategy of Page Ranking (PR) and the Functionality of it.


Indeed, human is a smart creature. If we talk about how smart they are and how smartly was created humans , I guess this story is never ending. Believe or not, but poor Google is not really happy from what bloggers do sometime. The algorithm of Google is being updated constantly as blogger are digging more to find the easiest way of getting their sites known by the world. Getting known by the world means getting highest page ranks. In order for us to understand what does Page Rank (PR) means, we have to look at the search result that Google shows it to you while you search. In my previous article about  SEO Strategy, I have mentioned about PR in a very logic way of understanding. In this article we will go more deep to see the structure and uses of PR.


So what is Page Rank, Page Rank Algorithm and How Page Rank Calculator Works?

It is an algorithm that calculates a web metric which shows how popular the website. But how a website can be popular? This is the key that you must know it if you are a blogger. Imagine for a moment that you have a really nice suite with a white shirt and a very expensive tie on your neck with a jango mango shining shoes and with a white tooth that is making people blind and your hair style is unique that no one ever done that style and walking on the street from where you are feeling that so many people are impressed from you and your beauty appearance…blablabla. Let’s say, you are better than Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt , Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and others. Are you gonna be a popular from that? Will many people come to you just to get your number and ask you for a dinner? For sure yeah right? Same with website page rank. Your website is ranking from Google and the ranking algorithm is so many that complicates your. But, Google announced the most important secrets for the Page Rank. It is your quality content,  quantity of the income links, your readers , the number of people involved to your website – all these things are the main reason of getting high PR.

How to know any website’s PR?

I normally use an “Open SEO Stats” in Google Chrom Extension. I suggest you to install it as it allows you to see any information about any website you enter.

When you are typing something in Google, you will obviously get some results. The first result you will see has a high page rank which has the solution for what you are trying to search. If the website has a higher page rank, it is probably coming to the top on the first page of Google. And if any website who has low PR , then they will appear on the other pages of Google. Briefly to say. all the results in Google will appear as per the page ranks from 9 to 1.

The picture below will describe a lot.



As we mentioned above, your page rank depends on quality content,  quantity of the income links, your readers , the number of people involved to your website.

Quality content – means the article you are writing. Make sure it is originally yours and you did not copy from other site. Although you copy and change a little bit, Google has find it easily.

Quantity of the income links – means your article is written so good that readers and blogger found them very useful and takes a small portion of your article and post them in their blog. Then they mention below like “read more at www.yoursite.com”. As soon as they mention your site on their blog, it means, you already have 1 income link. Which good. Google loves this actually and Google notice this just to award you for your content because your content was very helpful that made a person to share it with others. But 1 link is not enough to be awarded right? Are you ok if Someone does 1 good thing for / to you? Yes! How about 20 good things? Ohh, it will melt your heart and you want to give back something. You want to pay back. You also want to do something because everytime they did good things to you, it made you very happy… Google will award you with page rank which means a trust. If Google trust you site, then every time they type on search something that your article has it, Google will take your site to the top on the first page. Ofcouse it depends how many awards from Google you have.

Your Readers and people involved to your site –  Are you involved to Social site as Facebook, Google+  and others? Yes! Why do you use the social sites? Ofcouse you have your own reasons for it. Now keep in mind that every time you write a good content , and if people will like them more, then there are chances that those people will come back to your site just to see what new stuff do you have to read. But it is a little  difficult to make people come back to your site unless your site is popular. You should not hope on Google and other search engines until your site get known but try more the marketing to your site

We as we know a basic Page Rank, let’s go ahead and see how to get HIGH PAGE RANK.

As we mentioned above, humans are smart because they were created smartly. Hmm. God should be a million times smarter that made such a smart creature. So. Many people tried to hack Google Search Engine (SEO) jus to get their sites ranked. Google hates this. Google hates when someone tries to make Google change their Algorithm.  And Google finds a best way of reducing these affects because many of these effects are paid links. (You can read about paid links here at 8 Reasons to have a Backlinks for Your Website | Blog Page Rank). Google finds those Black Hats (Hackers and cheaters) and detects them and exclude them algorithmically by banning website that sell links. Never by paid links but Instead, it is advised to advertise your site on Google Adword, Social Sites and Other site which are under Google’s policy. be careful to not harm your site as if Google penalizes your site, then it is too bad for you to deserve trust as long as you dont change your website and it’s design.



What does this image talks about and how it is related to this article?

This image is all about page rank. As we know already that there are only 10 website ratings that Google measures the website quality from it. I brought a simple example of Mountain to describe the whole strategy of page rank. The mountain is high as we see people climbing that just to get to the top and receive the prize. Why there are helicopters and air force plane? These are the black hats who try to cheat the Google system and receive the Page Rank quicker. But as you see there are weapons from mountain and satellite. It describes that people who are trying to get the ranking by cheating and using other services of paid traffic, paid ranking and other services that Google is not happy with. Google knows them and can easily recognize them. In this case Google penalize those kind of websites and lose trust to them which means chances are gone for getting page rank and see the website on the first page of Google.

Those kind of websites are able to give you traffic but they are not Organic Traffic. Organic traffic is very important for Google to Rank your site.

Google loves fresh content and updated sites. If Google finds your site to be original with high quality content, then Google will help your site to get page ranked. As we see on the image that Google helicopter drops some rope just to help people climb the mountain easily which means get page rank fast.  Once you have page rank, then you are green to go. Your site will appear according to your content on the first page of Google. Woow!

So, nowdays almost all websites have a rel=”nofollow” attribute.  You can find this code when you comment (or usually see your website on other sites) on any site and then leave your site. After, when you see your site, you can simply right click mouse on it then “Inspect Element (in Google Chrome)”. If you find the rel=”nofollow”  mentioned on you website, then it means this cannot be a backlink.  Many people do this way just to get backlinks which are really good for Google. It simply tell Google that, hey , I found www.blogowebgo.com on www.thatsite.com  and it should be like www.thatsite.com is talking about www.blogowebgo.com and www.blogowebgo.com must be very famous…

Some sites doesnt have rel=”nofollow” which means if you leave your site, it will be counted as a backlink. Which means there are chances to have more backlinks.


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