A new version of Google Glass evidence - TinoShare.com
A new version of Google Glass evidence - TinoShare.com

A few months ago Google discovered that Glass had given a good bump in the eyes of its manufacturer, who had taken the decision that this technology is not enough triumphed. After many months allowing “explorers” test the augmented reality glasses , Google gave shelve the project and buried, at least temporarily. We know that the company is thinking of ways to get Google Glass is a device successful consumer level, but what is new that has happened on the head is not related to users walk.

In fact, Google seems to already have a new version of Google Glass underway, this time focused on the professional sector. It is the information coming from American newspapers in which mention that the Google project is that its technology, this time, be well received by the specialists of certain professional sectors, like health or energy. In this industry it is possible that Google Glass can provide important advantages.

The company, though, so far not wanted to rule on the matter , perhaps because it is waiting to issue an official statement with more information.

One of the advantages of expanding the presence of Google Glass in the professional environment is that users will not have to worry about privacy issues . We talked a lot with the first version of Google Glass about what it was that had problematic possibility that users lose privacy of what they were seeing. In the work environment will not worry about, since it is clear that practitioners should not be concerned that there is someone watching them while they work. Moreover, it could be up to a system to interested business managers to have more control over what happens in your company.

Google Glass symbolized a very promising technology months ago and thought it would come much further, but its growth was interrupted earlier this year. However, the progress of virtual reality systems has affected the proposed augmented reality Google Glass and do not know if in the end the public will achieve awakening their interest in the proposal of this company. Today they seem to do better making the best work done in the professional sector.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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