A powerful translator in your hands “ili”

A powerful translator in your hands

The world has many languages and when wanting to travel the language could become a big barrier, the good thing is that we now have ili, the technology can help remove that barrier of language, wherever you are.

Ili is the first translator of clothing, is a small device similar to a first-generation iPod Shuffle size, very compact that it can be easily hung on your neck or in your pocket. Maybe it’s small, but very powerful, because it can translate languages without a Wi-Fi or 3G.

A powerful translator in your hands "ili" - tinoshare.com

ILI has only one button, press it when you say you want to translate, when you release the button ili translates what you said and it will say in the language you want to translate through the built-in speaker you have.


download (1)The whole translation process so within ili, with voice recognition and brand own dictionaries to make faster and without Internet connections process.

A powerful translator in your hands "ili" - tinoshare.com

As much as Google Translate, the conversation can not be easier than with this little device. Uncomplicated open the application on your phone, simply press the button and ili will do the rest.

For now, ili only supports English, Chinese and Japanese language, possibly the most complicated languages, but it is intended that the second version French, Thai and Korean support, and finally the 3rd version will support Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

download (2)

Ili also has a special base to charge and to download updates for your operating system, so you’ll always be updated with the newest words and insults the language you seek.

A powerful translator in your hands "ili" - tinoshare.com

For now, the creators of ILI are only looking for other companies with which they can associate this translator to carry further. Registration will only be between January and February 2016, and after completion of the production is made ili will have to show the expected price for the equipment.