A room that is an optical illusion

A room that is an optical illusion - tinoshare.com
A room that is an optical illusion - tinoshare.com

The idea of this room is the artist Julian Hoeber; The idea is pretty simple: build the “house” deliberately slanted, and its components: its walls are played at angles of 90 degrees, there is a chair, a mirror … The main difference is that the walls really are inclined about 29 degrees to the horizontal floor.

The result is a kind of optical and sensory illusion that confuses and misleads people when they come in and spend some time in the room; Straight lines are no longer “gravitationally vertical” – that is how our brain is accustomed to perceiving. Even they are focusing on a logic in what looks and feels to a person either is hard not to feel some strange feeling that “something is wrong “.

And, of course, it seems videos are very funny.


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