Accepting A Criticism At Work | How to Handle It? | Expert


Do not feel bad when after making a mistake you get a critical as these can help us become better at what we do.

At work you’ll have to go wrong to learn, that I know very well who hired you and you must also bear this in mind.

So when you receive criticism from your job, you take them calmly and see the positive side. In this section we tell you how to accept criticism at work.

For good

The critical work must take to the right. If someone notices you’re doing your job wrong, thank begins as a person who wants better, otherwise do not say anything and continuarías making the same mistakes. It is true that being criticized is uncomfortable, but we must assume. If they are criticizing our work is because something is not right and we need to correct it.


Take criticism about your work constructively and become the best at what they do. Every time someone criticizes something about your work, analyzing every detail about the things that you’re failing to be able to improve them. For example, if you criticize the time it takes to perform a production that processes discussed in more delays to optimize power.

The origin

It is important that work receive criticism with moderation and a cool head, so you can know how to give solution to what is causing you problems. Sometimes critical can open your eyes and show you the source because you usually go wrong in your work. For example, if you receive a review about the way you treat people you have at your command, you’ll know that you should change your behavior toward your employees.

The changes

The critical work will allow you to know what to change to improve your performance. You will not always use the same method of work, sometimes you’ll be forced to change and these changes are likely to make you make mistakes. Before making changes, analyzes what more you agree that you and the company for which you work. If you’re going to make changes, they should have good results or not be for naught.


If your superior criticize your work and suggest some options for improving, you should analyze in detail each option and choose the most appropriate. That your boss criticize plus you options to improve your performance is fine but you who has the last word. Remember that your boss trying to take care of their interests and you must ensure yours. Try to choose an option that benefits both parties.


Finally, all critical work must be accepted with respect. Not only will your superiors criticism, it is likely that your colleagues do the same. If this is the case, do not try to minimize their opinions or leave them with the word in the mouth when they criticize, listen carefully and tell them what you will have in mind the next time.

We can all make mistakes in our ness if we make a acepatar eror and try to remedy the error in the best way possible so your bosses be satisfied.




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