Activities to strengthen teamwork | Leadership Tips

Activities to strengthen teamwork | Leadership Tips -
Activities to strengthen teamwork | Leadership Tips -

Efforts to strengthen the  to help employees and members of the same organization to know better and work more efficiently. They can develop in an office, to save money and avoid unexpected weather.

For many activities  you need some objects. Get the benefit of these activities create a report on the group later. Ask the participants to explain what they learned and how they will use to become a better team member and troubleshooting the .

Connecting marbles

Cut a PVC pipe into several pieces and give one to each participant. The pipe represents the business or organizational process, in which all participants play a role. Make a  lineup and place a bucket at the end of this. Rolling a marble through the pipe holding the person at the beginning of the row and ask him to pass from the pipe to the person who is at his side, and so on, up to the bucket. This game emphasizes the importance of teamwork to complete a task.

Two truths and a lie

Make all participants sit in around and ask each to prepare three statements about himself. One of the three must be false, and two true. Participants must take turns to say their three statements to others. After one ends, the rest must vote to determine lie. The person then reveals what the lie and answer the questions that arise about the claims. This game is for participants to learn about others.

Human Knot

Divide participants into groups of 10 and have each team form a round. Everyone should use his left hand to hold the hand of another who is on the opposite side of the round, and the right to hold the hand of another person who is on the opposite side of the round. Make sure nobody takes the hand of the person who is right beside her. Then explain that should undo the knot to re-form a round, without letting go of hands.

Phone decomposed mime

Have the participants stand to form a row and look back. The action instructor whispers in the ear of the first person in line, you have to touch the shoulder of the second, to look forward, and act action. The second movement must act to the third, and so on, down to the last. This must guess the action.

Whose history

Each participant must write on paper a short story about something real that happened to you. The instructor puts all the leaves, mix and choose four or five. Then, invite the writers to sit on the front and read the stories without saying who the author. The group must guess who wrote each.