Adidas purchase Runtastic by 220 million euros

Adidas purchase Runtastic by 220 million euros -
Adidas purchase Runtastic by 220 million euros -

Adidas bet filled by my sport and physical activity monitoring. And, after launching their own apps such as miCoach, now the German firm has decided to knock on effect in the market and gain the leading application of this segment: Runtastic.

With 70 million users, Runtastic is an application that uses GPS to track sports and fitness activities, recording the progress of cardio workouts (time, distance, elevation change, calorie and more) to help form habits for a healthy life style. Also Runtastic has several more specialized apps in specific sports and fitness activities more specific, covering the spectrum of professional athletes in all these areas. This is complemented with its own hardware, which allows monitoring the heart rate during exercise, among other possibilities.

Runtastic & Universal Music

On the other hand, recently joined Runtastic control of distance, speed, heart rate, time, calories burned and route, a new function of maintaining hydration of the sportsman . In this sense, the application takes into account the details of the activity User, personal statistics, local weather conditions and to provide a hint of moisture in accordance with the results.

220 million euros

This operation will become, suddenly, in one of the largest acquisitions in terms of apps are concerned, since the amount paid by Adidas Runtastic exceed 220 million euros, as confirmed by the firm itself.


Runtastic, though, will continue to operate independently and offering their expertise to use its current and future community, while Adidas still pursued their own apps.

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