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The nursing career is very important today. It is a profession that requires providing quality treatment to patients, having vocation of service and readiness at all times. Although this profession is studied mostly by female persons, the number of men who decide to pursue this career has increased too. Nursing colleges are crowded with desires to exercise this role, which is why the competition for employment increases each and every time in every year.

When you are planning this profession in foreign countries, you have to think about many different factors as we disburse money to travel, feed, staying, etc. Due to advances like the Internet we can get more information to make a proper decision. This time we will talk about the United Arab Emirates, a good alternative for nurses.

The UAE has a growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the richest nations in the Middle East and there are a lot of investments in the territory. Due to the growth experienced has one of the best health systems and are increasingly making improvements, however there is a great demand for professionals from abroad and internally it has not managed to satisfy.

It is known that one of the difficulties for women are the limitations imposed by culture, however due to the number of jobs, the same rulers have encouraged more flexible policy toward them.

Not with standing said it would be difficult for women, work in the health sector in the UAE which has many advantages that are quite attractive for nurses abroad. The payment is quite high, plus holiday lasting two and a month are fully paid, but it does not stop there, they also provide a totally free health insurance for the worker (a).

In this country support is provided to employees by providing free or nearly a house fully paid for may benefit more. You do not pay taxes for profits since the salary will be free of discounts. In conclusion we must mention that if you miss your family, friends and your country, the United Arab Emirates offer good bonuses for trips to the country of origin.

The positions where they need the services of nurses are varied. A repeated mistake is believing in people is a nurse as an assistant who is under the supervision of a physician. The nursing profession has specific specializations for students.

In the capital, Dubai, nurses are required for the area of dentistry, pediatrics and focused area for sensitive patients. Furthermore, the law requires companies to have a nurse within its facilities, it is an advantage for these professionals choosing work in private companies or state organizations.

Getting a job title is currently difficult, it is important to have an open mind and look more perspective. Leaving our comfort zone is a good decision because maybe the other side of the world is our destiny.

Keep in mind that cultural differences are many, however this is handled to be respectful and adequate established customs and traditions. Go ahead, start searching about the country and prepare in the best way. Do not forget to frequently enter our web where you will find many interesting sections of various subjects and many great phrases. We will wait for you!

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