Currently, there are hundreds of free WordPress themes. If you’re a blogger or website owner, you will definitely find the right subject/theme/niche for yourself, among the wide offer. Many developers create free WordPress themes just for fun; Moreover, many providers and blogs related premium WordPress themes can release topics/niche theme to attract visitors.

If you’re a blogger, surely, you will use a theme free wordpress. But if you’re creating a website for a company, in order to build a good site that you can provide the maximum benefit, you must be careful when it comes to choosing a Free theme. Before making your decision, review this list of advantages and disadvantages of free WordPress themes.

1. Installation of the free themes is simple:  From your desktop WordPress go to the menu “Appearance” and “Themes”. There click on “Add new” and you will find a lot of free ready to install themes. These are grouped into the categories of “Highlights”, “Popular” and “News”. We can also filter the results that are displayed according to their characteristics, we will open a new screen with many options, and of course we can also search by name.

2. Free: Just installed it, and if we do not like the product/theme, remove and install another. We can try and make mistakes as we want without losing money. A premium theme could be very expensive, and if you buy one, but not exactly what you need or does not work well, with some plugins will be very difficult for the developed you back your money.

3. Support: Although WordPress themes are free, users can also find a good support for any queries. WordPress has a community of developers (forum support org  /  forum support com) who answer questions and comments in the forums. In addition, you can always get great support from WP Codex and the official forums. Mageewp is also a place where you can get help.

4. Plugins: Just as there are many free wordpress themes, plugins and many configuration settings that support them. If a plugin does not work with the theme that you choose, you can simply find another, and report the problem if you want to help others who may encounter the same problem. With premium themes, however, because the user base is smaller, the process takes some extra time.

5. Experimentation: Because it’s free, you can experimentation with different themes. Just download and start using them, and if it is not what you like, you can easily replace it. However, this can be expensive if you are using a premium WordPress theme.You can download the amount of free themes you want to find the one you need, and experimentation until you find free WordPress themes that best suits your needs.




1. Links spam: Some free themes may come with spam links. The surest way to download free themes download theme is renowned supplier.

2.  Generally the free themes are not optimized for search engines:  This will cause you should make a bigger and better SEO work on your own to improve your search engine rankings. If the issues are optimized, notably they enhance us in this regard.

3. Many of them are not responsive:  While most of the issues if they are paid. This is a feature almost obligatory these days, as the number of people who surf the Internet from mobile devices is increasing day by day. The smaller screen size and different aspect ratio issues require reorganizing its elements for proper display, which only achieved a responsive theme.

4. We have guaranteed support:  Being free, is the developer’s willingness to lend support to their use, while payment issues this is usually much more common. In fact before buying an item, we can study how we stand.

5. They tend to be less secure, since not been thoroughly tested:  Some free topics may not function properly because they do not carry a warranty. They may not be well coded, which can make your website to be vulnerable or have problems.

Instead, payment issues, generally offer a development that takes this into account, and is one of its priority issues. Today WordPress attacks are very common and every security measure we take is a good idea.

6. The update is not as great as that of premium themes : We have secured the updates, and is likely to face an update of WordPress, they become obsolete. Payment issues, in contrast, are continuously accompanying the platform enhancements.

7. Generally offers less customization options, giving few options to configure:  you find many free themes similar to each other, and that another website is like yours. The payment usually provide a wide possibility of customization and can adjust more specifically to our needs and preferences.

What is the option that you choose for your website?

The decision to choose a free theme or premium, depending on the type/niche of blog or website you want for your business. Our recommendation is that first experiment and think well on what best fits your needs, and if you finally want to have a quality website to help improve sales of your business, count on freelance professionals to do the design and programming of your website.


  1. I think theme ranking & reviews can highlight if there are such issues with the theme. There are few good free themes that have been running for 5+ years without issues, but should definitely be careful with new ones.