Advantages and requirements to work as a Doctor in Dubai | Doctor job in Dubai

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Dubai is an Arab state with oil wealth that stands out for the large infrastructure investments made and the quality of its services.

It is for this reason that all clinics and hospitals in this country strive to have within its professional staff to the best doctors and specialists who receive outstanding wages.

For a foreign medical professional to practice in this country, must meet certain requirements, but because it takes many specialists within the nation, they have made special visa programs for physicians in specialties most required.

Then we’ll tell you how you can apply a work place in this country.

Dubai, usually hires professionals who can prove their experience, which is why all clinics and hospitals have established the following requirements for hiring foreign professionals:

– Work Visa
– Full command of English at all levels.
– License to practice medicine issued by the health department.
– Belonging to a medical specialty that is required in the country.
– Some medical institutions relate to professionals postgraduates.
– Demonstrate work experience of at least three years.
– Not having any negative history with the law.

Hospitals and Clinics

All medical centers in Dubai either hospitals or clinics, are characterized by the best and most modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases. Among the most famous we can find:

Hospitals and clinics in Dubai are health centers that feature the latest in equipment for treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. Some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics are:

– Al Zahra Medical Center.
– Advanced radiology center.
– Medical Clinic Al Montazah.
– American Hospital in Dubai.
– Private international hospital Dowali



As mentioned above, the health professionals who are most likely to be hired in Dubai are those pertaining to medical specialties which are in deficit in this country.

We found that are required the following specialists:

– Plastic Surgeons.
– Cardiologists.
– Oncologists
– Dermatologists
– Ophthalmologists.
– Neurologists
– Neurosurgeons.


As a rich nation and have a great development, Dubai offers the best wages worldwide. Payments accounting is performed for hours, so a doctor who works for a chemical a hospital in Dubai can earn from € 50 to € 60 per hour, provided there is a schedule of eight hours per day and working six days week. It may be the case where there is the possibility to work overtime.


Usually all foreign professionals with work visa given a one-year contract, which is the same as the duration of the visa. Once I met the year, every clinic or hospital takes the decision to renew the contract or not professional, should decide to renew an increase of 30% over the previous salary will be received.

To find job offers in Dubai, you can visit the following website:



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    Dubai needs thousands of doctors and nurses and offer investment opportunity

    Essa Al Maidoor, director-general of the Department of Health Regulation (DHA), revealed the study results Capacity Plan Clinical Services in Dubai, which specifies the high demand of the emirate in both health services and health personnel from 2015 and 2025, according to the online newspaper Emirates 24/7.

    “By 2025, there will be a need for 8,000 additional beds, some 3,917 beds more than half, to meet the needs of a large number of low – income people who would have had access to health care through the new compulsory health insurance in Dubai “said Al Maidoor.

    “The results confirm the need for a large number of health centers in the emirate, especially in the new centers of population, as Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and the new Al Maktoum Airport. There is a glut of services health Jumeirah and around, “said the director general of the DHA.

    They planned and under construction projects currently include the expansion of the Trauma Center, the Hospital of Pediatrics Al Jalila with 200 beds, the Rashid Hospital, with 6 new specialized centers and 900 beds, Sheikh Mohammad hospital Bin Rashid on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed 900 beds, Al Maktoum hospital Al Maktoum airport in Jebel Ali and Al Khawaneej hospital.

    There will be a need for additional 7,323 doctors and 8,510 nurses in line with the expansion plans of Dubai, the study concluded.

    As a way to attract more people to the nursing profession, the salary scale for nurses in Dubai will increase to be competitive with other GCC countries and Western, and a policy of flexible shifts (part – time and hours / day) be adopted for national nurses.

    Five nursing schools will open and the DHA will work with the private sector to the training of student nurses in private hospitals. In addition, a low – cost program for two – year studies will be developed for nursing assistants in Dubai, partly to fill the great void of nurses.

    In addition to current nursing schools, three new medical schools will be established in Dubai in 2025, while the University of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid of Medicine and Health Sciences.


    Al Maidoor said the results indicate great investment opportunities in the health sector to meet the growing demand for primary and specialized health services.

    The establishment of clinics primary health care for low – income groups leading investment opportunities in the field of health, while others include investment opportunities in various specialized services, especially trauma and emergency care, intensive care, rehabilitation and continued long – term care, said Salah Al Marri, director of the Department of Excellence in DHA.

    This study was conducted by a multidisciplinary team of DHA in various areas of expertise, in collaboration with representatives of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Dubai Healthcare City, the Ministry of Health, the private sector, the Dubai Corporation for Services ambulance, RTA and other institutes.

    The study results and recommendations have been approved by the Sectorial Commission on Safety and Health in the Emirate of Dubai.