Airplane Economy Class: The Worst and Terrible For Travelers


Air travel is one of those experiences that many enjoyed either by being in the clouds or by the idea of getting somewhere else flying. But one factor often overlooked until we got to our seat, the comfort, which over time has ceased to be a priority for most airlines, of course, if you are not willing to buy a ticket of first class.

Just a few days ago we saw with Boeing patenting a device to sleep and “rest” in our seat and now is the turn of Airbus just introduced its new seating configuration for beast, the A380 in 2017 will have a new ( and criminal) economic class of 11 seats per row.


If affordable trips were uncomfortable, wait, this will become more fun

Today during the 2015 AIX (Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015) in Hamburg Germany, the famous aircraft manufacturer just to publicize their idea of how will the interior of the huge A380 with the intention of “making the most efficient flight” by incorporating a seat more in its classic 3-4-3 configuration, where the central part will have a new seat which will premiere a 3-5-3 distribution .


Of course they talk about “improving” economy class incorporating a new class they have called “basic economy” which have reduced the sizes of the halls, the armrests and the space was left in the window seats, resulting in seats 18 inches (46 centimeters) wide and that according to studies the average human being has 16 inches (41 centimeters) between shoulder and shoulder.

Of course comments on this new configuration has not been kept waiting where the majority are against this implementation we are talking of jumbojet decker A380 dedicated to long-haul nonstop, so imagine spending more than 7 hours sitting in a space practically glued to one or more other passengers, this without reducing legroom as they think scoring 45 rows with this configuration on the first floor and leave the top floor to the first class.

Airplane Economy Class: The Worst and Terrible For Travelers - -

Emirates have already mentioned that will not adopt this new “basic economy” because its strategy is based on luxury flights with amenities including for high-quality economy-class and these settings affect the image of luxurious and comfortable airline.

But if we believe that Airbus has gone too far, the A380 is not the only one released configuration, as they are also in negotiations with airlines for domestic flights in the United States and Europe to incorporate configuration of 9 seats for the A350 and 8 seats for the A330.