Since its discovery, the star KIC 8462852 anomalous presented erratic darkening that has puzzled astronomers. Some have speculated that is orbited by a huge structure built by an extraterrestrial civilization. To assess to what extent that possibility was real, the scientists looked for brief pulses of laser distant star.

“The hypothesis that an  alien megastructure orbits KIC 8462852 is rapidly crumbling “quotes the portal Phys words Vakoch Douglas, President of the collective project for Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and author of an article about it published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters. “We do not find evidence of the existence of an advanced civilization that intentionally emits laser signals toward Earth,” he said.

For six nights between October 29 and November 28, 2015, scientists tried to detect pulses, some of only a billionth fraction of a second in duration. They did it in the Optical SETI Observatory in Boquete Panama with the help of a Newtonian telescope that uses a unique method of detection with greater sensitivity to pulsed signals. If a hypothetical aliens had intentionally sent to Earth laser pulses in the visible spectrum, the observatory could ever detect Boquete who had reached the minimum detectable limit of the observatory.

The KIC 8462852 star, located 1,500 light years from Earth, has puzzled astronomers for their anomalous light decreases of up to 22% in some cases. At first the phenomenon was measured using the Kepler telescope  NASA as part of its task of finding exoplanets. The best explanation to date is that the darkening may be caused by cometary fragments in a highly elliptical orbit around the celestial body that intercept starlight.


What is that megastructura orbiting the star 1,500 light years away? [previously mentioned]


The impact of an alien civilization in the star KIC 8462852 - Are we alone? -
Illustrative photo / ESA / Hubble & NASA and S. Smartt

Scientists do not leave their astonishment after the discovery of unexplained objects orbiting a star located 1,500 light-years away and block a lot of light. Among the hypotheses that has attracted phenomenon, an expert suggests the possibility that it is constructed by alien constructs.

Thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, a team of astronomers discovered that the light from the star KIC  8462852 repeatedly declined to 20% because the orbiting objects that have almost half the size of the star. This phenomenon remains perplexed, giving rise to numerous theories, including the question of a draft megaingeniería created by an advanced alien civilization, reports ‘Ifl science’.

The researchers shuffled all possibilities to explain this phenomenon, including the question of debris from comets orbiting the star. Meanwhile, Jason Wright, an astronomer at Pennsylvania State University, believes that while “extraterrestrial life should be the last hypothesis,” all this “looks like the product of an alien civilization,” the website quoted The Atlantic.

Wright holds her scale using Kardashev, a proposed measure the degree of technological evolution of a civilization method hypothesis. For example, a Type II civilization would be able to use all the energy that a star radiates from a sphere as the sphere of Dyson, a hypothetical willing megastructure of astronomical size around a star that would allow an advanced civilization make the most the light and heat of the sun.

This area would be composed of hundreds or thousands of spaceships that would theoretically be large enough to block a significant portion of the light from a star, whose effect would be ‘erased’ from the star to the visible wavelengths with Astronomers working.

The researchers are planning to use telescopes to observe the star with more detail and see if it generates any unusual signal.